Would you like some cheese with that?

Happy March!
I have realized that while the big wall of windows is wonderful for the view, they are crap for taking pictures.  They make everything fuzzy and hazy, instead of clear.  We will be painting the walls in the next couple of months and then I will get some curtains put up that can filter the light at brighter times.  Anyway, I'm not happy with the cloudy pictures of late.
Also, we have been well over a week without a steady supply of hot water.  Our tankless water heater has been on the fritz and after several service calls and part changes, it will hopefully be fixed this afternoon.  I am tried of not being able to wash dishes...you should see the pile by the sink.  Laundry has been piling up and taking a shower has been touch and go.  I know that there are still many people on this Earth that do not ever get hot water just by turning on a faucet, I know that I am spoiled in my Western way of life, I know that I really don't have the right to complain...but, I am crabby about the whole thing and jealous of not being able to do what I feel I need to do when I want to do it.  I know...whiny...I will get over it.
So I will kick my bad attitude to the curb and I will think on kinder things.  Here are some things that are joys in my life recently...
~Rubia has settled on a favorite color.  She tells me everyday and often that yellow is her favorite.  I love it when the kiddies start to form their own opinions on things and begin to demonstrate their interests,  it's ever so much fun.  She fell in love with some pretty yellow daffodils at the store yesterday...we had to bring them home and we made a bouquet for the center island in the kitchen.
~I am taking a wonderful online course on called the Whole Food Kitchen done by Heather over at Beauty That Moves.  I am really getting a lot out of it and the recipes that I have been able to try have been yummy and well received by David and the kids.
~I have fresh spinach, lemons, apples, and clementines in the fridge.  The kids ate about five clementines each yesterday...they love them so.  I am very happy to see them making good choices.  I know they don't think about it that way, they are merely choosing what they find to be tasty.  But, I am glad that they like to eat healthy things.
~I have gotten more sewing and crafting done...to be shared about in a future post.
~I have been cleaning out and organizing more spaces.  It feels good to get those types of things done.
~I have been plotting Easter baskets for the last few weeks...I love doing them and making them special.
~This Saturday is an indoor farmer's market at the Community Center...I can't wait to see what I might find.
It's always good to find the positives.  Whining never did much for anybody.  I hope you are having a wonderful day where ever you may be! Peace!


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