The work of the weekend...

...and it's not really work at all.
 We went to a celebration for Aztec New Year on Saturday.  I loved, loved, loved the dancing...fierce, strong, beautiful, amazing.
 The kiddies each got a "tattoo" of an Aztec symbol on one hand.  Rubia cried yesterday in her bath because it washed off. 
 The grass is growing so very nicely.  It popped up in just a matter of a few days.  The wall of windows helped with that, I suppose.
 My fabric yo-yos are coming along.  I have about 12 more to sew and then I can start sewing them together.  That picture doesn't really do them any justice, the colors are bright and fun.
A couple of books I have been perusing...each day I see a few more birds coming back to the area.  I want to know what kind I am looking at.  I spied a beautiful red bird that I have never seen before.  It was not a cardinal, I don't think those live around here, so I want to know what it was...still looking.
I also started reading Life of Pi by Yann Martel.  Still at the far so good.
Peace out!


Steve Finnell said…
you are invited to follow my blog
Jenny said…
Looks like fun!!! I have thought about growing some indoor grass for the kids. I just keep forgetting to ask hubby to bring some seed home from work. Have you seen the ones online that people have made out of pantyhoses created with cute faces?

Have a lovely week!!! :-)

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