Easter Plans...

 The kiddies Easter grass is growing quite nicely.  I have had to "mow" the grass twice already and I need to cut it again sometime today.
I mentioned awhile back that I have been plotting Easter baskets too.  I don't go crazy with them, I like homemade goodies and just a few fun things for the kids.  From the ads this year I feel like it's all becoming very commercial and that stores are really pushing buy, Buy, BUY!!!  When did Easter baskets become so big and over loaded?  It's supposed to be simple and just a little something, right?  Or am I the only one that feels this way?  Our children have so much already, do they really need so much more?
So, I have given it some thought.  I try to think about what the kids enjoy doing and what might be fun for them...here is what I have come up with for this year:
*Jump ropes..I found some fun, colorful ones at Target in their $1 section.
*Play Dough...homemade and fun, They have been asking for more and I know the ingredients when I make it, so it really is non-toxic.  Also, I am going to make each of them their favorite color.
*Little cellophane bags of "Bunny Tails."
*Little cellophane bags of chick crackers...Target brand, like Goldfish crackers, b ut perfect for Easter.
*Little cellophane bags of Easter M &Ms.
*Small chocolate bunny for each...what is Easter without a chocolate bunny?
*A bookmark for each that I am making from card stock, stickers, and contac paper.
*A fun new book for each.
*Rey, since he is small will get a container of rice puffs and a bag of yogurt melts for his basket to go with his book.
For the cellophane bags that I am putting things in, I will fill the bag and then I will staple a rectangle piece of card stock (folded in half) at the top that I will write and doodle on.
And that is all I am doing this year.  No sugar or toy overload...just a little fun.  Anyway, that's how I feel about it...not, trying to preach.

I ordered an egg dying kit that came in the mail of few days ago.  It is from Eco-kids and the egg dyes are made from edible plants and vegetables, so I can feel good about them eating the eggs afterward.  We loved deviled eggs around here, so that is probably what I will do with the eggs after we are done.  The colors will be more natural shades, so I hope the kids will still like how they turn out...we shall see.
What are your Easter crafting, decorating, and creating plans this year?  What about recipes?  Anything tasty that you are making...I'm always interested in knowing about that.
Happy Palm Sunday friends!


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