Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Big Brother...

Big brothers are the best.
Mine was here for a very short visit in August.
I love him...I miss him.
It might sound sappy, but I can honestly say that he is one of my dearest friends.
He and I know things about each other that no one else probably does.  Not to say we have big shocking secrets that we hide from the world...no, just those little silly things that you share and remember with your sibling from childhood.  Goofy things...like my enduring countless old Dr. Who episodes to spend time with him (my apologies to any Dr. Who fans out there, but uggggggggg).
We talk almost daily and I am thankful for that.
I love you Bro.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Pictures on my wall...

I love having candid shots of my loves around the house.  But, I'm a nerd.  I'm picky about the frames etc.  Vintage frames make me the most happy and when I find them for a song I snatch them up.  They might have an issue or two, but usually they are very usable and having a lovely patina to boot.  I had been wanting to do an arrangement of pictures in my living room and so I set about to putting a recently acquired stack of metal and wood frames to use.
Never one to do the norm, I didn't want to be boxed in with using traditional matting.  I like different colors and textures placed together in the same grouping.  So I selected a variety of cardstocks and patterned papers and I cut them to fit the frames using my paper cutter and an oval shape that I found online.  I then taped the pictures to the mats and stuck them into the frames.  Up on the wall they went.
I am very pleased.

Friday, September 20, 2013

I think the switch has flipped.
Just in time for the first day of Fall.
Autumn is here, Summer has said farewell.
It's raining more. The evenings are cool.
The garden is about wrapped up.
All that is left is to pick the pumpkins and clean up the remaining plants.
Those pictures are from last month.
I have tidied the porch, removing the dying geraniums and potted a few hardy Mums.
Gourds and Squash are nestled here and there.  I have pruned bushes and weeded the flower beds for what seems the thousandth time.
Elijah had his first spelling test...he got 100%, so proud.
Evelyn can read and write the words "I" and "can."  She is so proud of herself as am I.
Rubia lives for Pre-school and immediately goes to the paint easels. I get masterpieces on a regular basis.
Rey says: doggie, no, up, cracker, juice, bye-bye, go, Daddy, eat...no is by far his favorite.
Apple picking will be happening soon and costume plotting. Gosh I love Fall.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A lap quilt...

Here is my latest project...done.
I can't believe that I uttered nary a whisper while I worked on this quilt.  I just tucked my head down and cut and sewed and sewed and cut.
I am ever so please with how it turned out.  It is very, very me.  Lot's of colors and crazy, cool fabric combinations.  I adore the charcoal gray chevron pattern that I used for the border and for the back as well.  As soon as I found it at Joann's a knew it was the one and I got it for only $3.99 a yard...amazing for a quilter's cotton.  Plus, it washed up to be so soft and lovely, not like a cheap fabric usually would.
Otherwise all of the other fabrics were from my stash.  I spent an evening back in July playing with different combinations until I was happy with what I had.  Then I just did nine patch quilt blocks as my pattern.  It is a quilt for me...for reading under, knitting under, drinking coffee under.  It will be lovely to use in the monthes ahead...Fall is here and I fear the snow and cold is not far behind.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Time Flew by in a Whoosh!

 The days and weeks have flown by.
Truth be told I haven't turned on the computer much.
It felt like drudgery to have to drag it out from under the couch and turn it on.
I much preferred doing the things above:
Reading books, Making jam, working in the garden, napping, surviving Nickelodeon Universe etc.
By the Way...
Dear Mall of America: You are too big and too exhausting for this Mama of 4.  I won't be back very often, hope you don't mind.
Overwhelmed up North :)
Anyway, we did that twice in the last three months.  Safe to say, I'm good to go for awhile.
The kiddies are back in school.  Two mornings a week, it's just me and Rey...weird, but fun too.  He and I have had very little alone time.  So it's good for both of us.
We are starting to get back into a routine, story time at the library, cooking warmer meals, needing an extra blanket at night...lovely, really lovely.