Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hello Again...

We arrived home safe and sound...
What a nice time we had...
Warm weather, laughter, roller-skating (yes indeed! Although I sat out, but Elijah got in on it. Pictures to come this week), and naps for me!

I have been meaning to share the super-cute shoes that my Sweetie brought me last month from a business trip...The bows can be changed as my whim dictates and they have bumps and things that massage the bottoms of my feet.

Aren't they great? What a thoughtful man I have and with fabulous taste...I mostly shimmy around the house in them, cleaning, crafting, sitting on the couch.

Another recent picture of the Sweet Boy...
Again, I can't seem to get a good shot of his face. My camera is too slow and he is too fast...

I do think the back of his head is pretty fabulous too... :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Confessions of a former sock maker

This is one of the best pictures I can get of Elijah at the moment...he does not stop moving! Love that kid...but, he makes me ever so sleepy... :) He jabbers and sings and dances all through our lives...I often wonder how I managed to live 28 years without him. I was more rested certainly, with smaller hips and no gray hairs...but, pssshaw, who cares about that stuff when he is "reading" me his Nemo book? Btw...he says Mawmo for Nemo...It's a cross between Elmo and Nemo. I love love this "Unable-to-pronounce-words-properly" phase. I will miss it...

These are the finished socks! I am so happy to have them done and to be able to be knitting something else! I wouldn't let myself start anything new until I got them done. I believe that this is the last pair that I shall make...I'm glad I made them, but, a lifelong sock maker I am not. I was not charmed by the process, I had to bribe myself to do the second sock. For awhile I was convinced that using the first one as a sock puppet was perfectly respectable..., attach a pair of googly eyes and christen with a name like Alphonse, all would have been charmed and never would have thought to ask about sock number two. But, the yarn was not on the cheap side and decided that I had set out to make a pair of socks, plural, not singular and I needed to see it through. I wanted to throw and dance in confetti when I wove in the last end...that is how happy I was. They made their way to Alaska to my Mama for Mother's Day. The yarn was a self-striping silk blend...beautiful. Those Germans are amazing with their yarns...self-striping? Genius, I say! If I had to do the striping on my own, I would still be on sock #1.

This is a doll quilt that I finished up. The inner blocks were hand marbled by me a few years ago at a quilt club demonstration. It's a technique that has long been used on the end papers of books and such like. So I have had these sitting around in my stash and I wanted to do something with them, so out came this quilt. I am contemplating a coordinating pillow case, every stylish doll needs matching bedding after all. If I don't end up with a little girl, it will make it's way to a little girl somewhere, perhaps with a softy doll as well...Ooooo, the possibilities.

We will be hitting the road for the Memorial Day Holiday...Have a wonderful one.

Monday, May 19, 2008

On my bedside table...

I love a good book...I always have.
These are books I am working on currently...
They rest throughout the day waiting for me to crack them open for a few minutes each night.

I only manage 5 to 10 pages per night, where as in my single days I easily managed 100 in a night. My eyes are much more prone to close in sleep, much faster these days.
The top one "Peony in Love" is written by Lisa See, she wrote "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, " a wonderful book. I can't wait to start this one. I stumbled upon it the other day while hurrying through Barnes and Noble clutching the new Martha Stewart. I was trying not to get sucked into buying a book...as you can see I failed. But, I was using a gift card from my birthday months ago. I think it was well spent.
My bedside table has always been a sweet place for me. I try to keep it neat. Every evening I bring my glass of water to be set there. Also I am sure to always have a Burt's Bees Honey lip balm close at hand as well. And then I tuck myself into bed, fluff my stack of three pillows and settle in to read.
I have always needed a place to keep my current stack of books as well as the essentials needed for the pleasure of reading. The lamp must be bright, but not too bright, there also must be a spot for a cup of tea if I happened to bring one to bed with me. But, mostly it's a little 2" X 1" canvas on which to organize and domesticate as I wish, a space that is truly and wholly my own. It is purely for my own function and I like that...
And it is often nice to have a bloom nestled there as well. One can't help but have sweet dreams when there are flowers close by don't you think?

Monday, May 12, 2008

A little Mom love...

Being a Mom is a joy...
Yesterday as I was able to lounge in bed, thanks to my Sweetie (note: He lets me lounge on weekends on more then just Mother's Day), I lay there listening to the sounds of my son jabbering and gurrgling (sp?) through his bath and around the house thereafter. And the one soon to be, was flipping and flopping and nudging me from the inside, it was a time of such lovely contentment.
Elijah has run straight into the terrible twos, 7 months early. Some days it feels like all I ever say to him is "no." But in reality he is such a happy, adventurous boy with an insatable curiousity whether it's concerning what was just thrown away in the garbage, the birds fluttering around on the lawn or if a lady bug makes for good eating (he indulged in that last night, thankfully I was able to get it out of his mouth). He is learning and growing every day...and it makes my heart swell. I never knew that it was possible to love a child so much.
My hope is that all Mom's had a wonderful day yesterday, but also that they feel loved and appreciated on more then just one day a year. Hugs to all Moms, grandmas, and Moms yet to be...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What I see...

It's raining today...big, wet, crysal clear drops...very Oregon-esk. Roads and sidewalks seem squeeky clean and smelling of fresh rain.
The world has turned green. Red bud trees are in bloom and tulips are still enchanting in their petel garments of red, purple, and yellow.
Farmers finally got to their fields earlier this week.
The newly tilled soil is deep and dark like the outsides of glossy coffee beans.
The earthy smell of newly turned dirt wafts through the air and is almost intoxicating in it's simplicity and loveliness...almost like the smell of coffee beans at the last moment before being ground.
Red-Winged Black Birds are showing off in hopes of finding the perfect mate. They preen and dance along the roadsides and hedgerows.
Fireflys are awaited with anticipation of the warm nights to come.
The world seems new and full of potential and hope.
I think that is why God gave us the gift of Spring.
Happy Wednesday!

Friday, May 2, 2008

The decent of the little gray cells

The decline of my brain capacity will be demonstrated by the following:

I called the 1 800 number for a company that I have a bill through and they ask a super secret question in order to varify my identity. Now I had picked out the question and answer a mear two weeks before. The customer service tech asked me the question...I blanked. I had absolutly no idea of the answer and let alone why I had made the decision to choose that stupid question in the first place. The question seemed absurd to me. The guy on the other end seemed shocked that I had no clue and then he proceeded to giggle...yes, I said giggle. He then tried to give me a clue..."it starts with an "s." "S?" I said. I became more befuddled and he asked me in disbelief..."you really can't recall?" I was horrified. I stammered that I would have to call back and I imagined that he was frantically typing a note into my file saying that I was not only a loon, but perhaps fraud was taking place, in between stopping to hold his aching side from the laughter that he couldn't control.
I called back an hour later with the correct answer...yes, it took my that long to remember. All I can say is I'm pregnant and my brain has ceased to function properly.
Happy Friday!