Thursday, May 28, 2009

Up on the soapbox...

I have been thinking a lot lately about what I eat and what my family eats.
I have seen quite a few blogs that preach about getting a family food budget down to $40 per week. Quite a goal I must say and there are many that are able to do it, which I find amazing, honestly. For awhile these blogs had me inwardly berating myself for spending what I do (which is honestly not that much), and wondering why I struggle so much with clipping coupons (I hate it! I find it frustrating!)...I never seem to find very many that I can use. I thought and thought about it. Then it hit, most of the coupons are for things that we don't or rarely use. I try to avoid purchasing convenience foods as much as possible and I find that most coupons seem to be for over processed, over packaged, chalk full of unknown scary ingredient type foods. That's not to say that we never buy those things... we do have our little pleasures that often come from a chip bag or pint of Ben and Jerry's. Second, there is such a push in America for super cheap food...we want everything but we don't want to pay for it. And we are willing to sacrifice our health and well being for high processed food that supposedly tastes good but, doesn't do a body any good. And also we feel that spending more then 10 minutes a day cooking is a waste of time that could be better spent some other way. I personally would rather pay a little bit more for better food and spend a little bit more time in the kitchen making something wonderful (at least that's the goal). This would equate better pay for small farmers and hopefully increase the push for more focus and availability of local foods. Why aren't we willing to pay more? Why aren't we willing to take quality ingredients and form them into foods that nourish our bodies and nourish the bodies of our families? I read a post here (I can't seem to find the exact post) and something just clicked. Sara talked about how it is privilege to feed ourselves and our families everyday and that we should put the best that we can into the food that we make.
I don't want to discount that many families are hurting right now due to this poor economy. Everyone has to do their best with what they have and what they can afford. Also, I know that there are many that hate to cook, so convenience food is the answer. I also don't want to make it seem like we never eat out or get fast food...we do, however, I know it's not the best that I could be giving to my family but, sometimes I just don't want to cook. And with all of that said I have decided that I am not going to beat myself up for spending more then $40 per week on groceries.
To be honest I often stay away from soap box issues here on the ol' blog. I never want to start a ruckus or insult any one's sensibilities...if I did, please know that it was not my intent and if you do decide that you want to give me what for, then all I ask is that you be gentle...I can be decidedly thin-skinned, just ask my husband. I wouldn't mind a nice healthy dialog on this...maybe you have some points to share that I have not considered?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Big Changes... our lives.
David and I have worked out a way for me to stay home with the babies. I am of course thrilled, albeit a wee bit nervous. I won't pretend that all days will be filled with perfect behaviour and sunshine. There will be challenges...but, I believe I can handle it. I have dreams, oh yes. I have plans. But, I feel they are best kept secret for the time being as I work hard now to make them into little realities. Plus, the idea of getting to make cookies and play with trucks and play dough in the middle of the day? Well, that just tickles me right down to my toes...
Yes, yes, it most certainly does.
Those beauties up there? They are from my garden this year. I am most proud...all one hundred of the tulip bulbs planted last Fall came in (As if I had anything to do with it, other than digging a hole, plopping in the bulb and covering it with dirt. Although I remember being quite tired when it was all said and done.). Thanks Papa for your gracious help! I wish you could have viewed the end result in person.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Soundtrack...

Hi all! Boy it has been a busy week...yes?
Music is a common thread throughout my days. I love music, David loves music, Elijah loves music, Evelyn surely loves music although she hasn't voices an opinion yet...hec you love music too, am I right?
There are certain songs that I can listen to over and over again and never tire of...I call them my life's soundtrack. It's music that moves me physically and emotionally, that I belt out every. single. time.
White Shadows - Coldplay
San Angelo - Third Day
Drops of Jupiter - Train
Thrive - Newsboys
Hold Me Jesus - Rich Mullins
Swallowed in the Sea - Coldplay
Million Pieces - Newsboys
Lonely Cowboy - Virginia Coalition
Love Takes Time - Bryan Duncan
Now I have a new one to add to the list.
Beautiful World - Carolina Liar
I bop my head in a figure eight pattern when the music crescendos and pound the steering wheel with the palms of my hands. This is such a good song. I think that the singer/writer of this song is talking about the world being beautiful with tongue in cheek...however, I don't take it that way. It really is a beautiful world that we live in. The intricacies of God's creation are astounding and mind bending. And music is a crucial part of that. Don't you love how the two go together so well? How many of us have taken a drive with windows rolled down and music blaring, I mean really good, can't help but move and sing music...a show of hands? We drive looking and at the amazing world around us, with music...our soundtrack playing. I have always liked the idea of having a soundtrack to follow me through my days. Music just seems to make things...better, more exciting, more meaningful somehow. I appreciate good music on movies and TV shows. I know David agrees with me. Our favorite show (soon to be cancelled...NO!) Life has the best music. It often sends David to the computer to check out the music on iTunes.
I just appreciate music and view it as yet another gift from my creator.
If you had a soundtrack what would be on it?

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Perfect Little Home...

"I know well that happiness
is in the little things..."
~John Ruskin
If I were a wren this would be my ideal house...cozy yet colorful.
I hope that a Mama and Daddy decide to move in and start their family in it. Then Elijah and I could christen them with names like Alice and George or maybe Ellen and Ignatious. And then we would be on baby watch. Little wrens fliting about, I'm not sure I could stand it!
What fun that would be...don't you think?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Sewing...and other musings.

This is one of the gifts that I have made recently. It has now been shipped and received by my Sister-in-Law Becky. I hope she likes it.
It is such a fun purse and so very easy to whip up. It took me no time at all. I have been really enjoying the process of sewing and creating more recently. It's like there is a new energy in the air.
I am however, trying to devote a lot of my time to organizing our house. When we moved in I just put stuff places just to get it unpacked, but, there never was much of a method. That is what I am trying to change. Plus, I can be a bit of a pack rat...I must clear out some things. There really is something psychological about "stuff." I attach such personal feelings to things like memories and emotions. I have to learn that just because something is gone, it doesn't mean that I am giving up those things. I just don't have the physical object anymore. Clearing out will do a lot to clear out my mind and to increase the happiness of my husband. Organization is on the menu and must be accomplished.
It's also planting season and work is happening in the yard. We went organic this year and put corn meal gluten on the's brilliant stuff and the grass looks stunning. Elijah and I are participating in The Great Sunflower Project sunflower planting and observing will be going on too.
These are busy days...but oh so good.
Oh, and go wish Chelle all the best...she had her sweet Jack on May 1st.