Happy Pi(e) Day!!!

I forgot to mention yesterday that today is Nation Pi Day...you know, 3-14 or 3.14 the math term?  So in honor of that math term and to start to get the kiddies familiar with it, we will be having pi(e) today at dinner.  I will be making beef empanadas...those are yummy hand pies and a berry pie for dessert.  I might even form the pi symbol in dough and put it on top of the pie crust before I bake it.  Yes, making these things from scratch.  The empanada are a recipe from Mad Hungry by Lucinda Scala Quinn and the berry pie will be my own creation.  I have frozen mixed berries in the freezer and I will make the pie crust using a recipe from my Granny...easy!

Those are a few of the place mats that I have made.  I still have a stack to go, but now we are eating at the big table as a family.  They are all made from quilt weight cotton print fabric and backed with heavy brown felt that I happened to have a whole lot of.  The felt keeps the mats from slip sliding around and makes them more substantial too.  I made them to have a rounded edge in the front to match the curve of the table and so far they have washed well.  All around I am happy with them...I just have about 7 more to make.  One day at a time.  :)
Have a happy day friends.


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