Thursday, June 5, 2014

I am woefully behind on everything as of late.  Like text messages from dear friends have gone unanswered kind of behind.  Or the bathroom floors and toilets are  so tragic kind of behind...seriously, don't go in there. Or I still have laundry sitting on my bed from last week kind of behind (It finally got folded however).
I got this little head cold from Miss Rubia and that is how I handled it too.  "It's a little cold, no biggie!"  It kicked my butt people...kicked it to China and back.  I developed a cough that has only just started to let up almost three weeks later.  It's amazing how when a racking cough keeps you from sleeping well, all things go on a downward spiral from there. I stopped exercising and eating healthy and well...that didn't help either.  But, this afternoon has seen things looking up.  I have great plans of a nice deep cleaning of the house tomorrow.  How good will that be?  When it's done of course.
I don't have really any pictures to show from the last month really.  I keep forgetting to pick it up.  Evelyn and Elijah finished up school today.  I am so proud of those two.  Elijah read 250 books since October and Evelyn is reading books as well.  Amazing!  I couldn't read at age 5. my babies and seeing them blossom.  It just overwhelms the emotions sometimes.
June is going to see us very busy, then I hope to slow down a bit for July and August.  Lot's a of trips to the lake, free kids movies on Wednesdays, farmers markets, reading time every day, popsicles with friends. glad it's finally here.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Summer, here we come...

Oh May!  Nice to see you!  Still a wee bit chilly, but we are good with it.
One more month of school and then Summer Break.  I am tip top excited about it this year.  I have a long list of activities we are going to do and trips that have been planned.  Plus, we have lots of new friends that we will be able to invite over for water fights and Popsicles...can't wait.  To keep it all straight I am filling calendar pages for the three months to come that I will post in the kitchen.  Shhhhh, don't tell the kiddies, but I have a box of books and new games on it's way from amazon.  I plan on doling them out through the Summer. Elijah and Evelyn, both, are taking off with their reading and I don't want to lose that momentum this Summer.  Reading time will happen each day to continue to build their skills.  Plus, We all are really starting to get into card and board games again.  I found a few highly recommended ones I am looking forward to.  I will let you know what I got when they arrive.
Today we were sneaky and delivered May Baskets to friends after the kids got home from school.  Elijah and Evelyn loved ringing the bell and running like gazelles bake to the stuff.  When we got home, someone had left baskets for each of them...talked about thrilled.  I am really loving this community we have found ourselves in.  It's a good place for us.  The kids are thriving and I am too.
Well, off to do invitations for a may tea party for a certain Miss Evelyn.  She has been longing to have her girl friends from school over, so we are going to have a little party complete with fancy dresses. Anyway...Peace!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Are you kidding me?

It's snowing again today...a lot. 
No slight dusting here, oh no, sir.
We are moving into the range of 6 inches as we speak.
It wasn't snowing this morning when I sent the kids to the bus.
I honestly didn't think it would snow this late April.
So they are not wearing snow pants or snow boots. Sorry kiddies.
I think I'll go eat some chocolate stashed in my bed-side table.
Then I'll make some cupcakes for the little ones.
They are going to need something comforting when they get off of the bus.

Monday, April 14, 2014


That little fellow up there turned 2 yesterday.
Not sure where the last 2 years went.
We haven't been up to too awful much.
Just the usual.
Although I did paint the front door orange.
It's fun and completely unexpected...I dig it.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Break...

It's Spring Break this week...although it doesn't much feel like it.  We still have a yard full of snow and a fast moving storm dropped a couple of inches yesterday.  But, we aren't letting that slow us down.  I declared that this would be the week of doping things we don't normally get to do all.  The library, eating inside a fast food restaurant, a visit to see the dinosaurs at the science museum, having friends over to play, swimming at the community center, and this afternoon we are going to head up north for the weekend, to scout out cabins for a family vacation this coming Summer.  It has been lovely.
I got a couple of books I have been wanting to read from the library.  I had put in a request to get them a couple of months ago.  I love getting those e-mails that say I have books waiting.  I do a happy dance...seriously.  a day without reading, isn't a complete day for me.  I started in first on Under the Wide and Starry Sky by Nancy Horan.  She wrote Loving Frank a couple of years ago and I really enjoyed it.  So far this one is good as well.  The second one is The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton.  I have good such good things about it, I can't wait to dig in.
Oh, and I also decorated a bit for Easter and made super easy and yummy granola bars.  All the store-bought granola bars seem to have sugar alcohols in them, so I won't by them.  They are not good for kids and can cause serious tummy upset. Homemade is always better anyway.
Well, I best get packing so we can get on the road.
Peace Friends!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Favorite song...

Love, love, love this song. 

All the world seems to agree.

If you haven't heard it, take a listen.

Peace Friends.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I always seem to want to bake something about 20 minutes before the kids get home for school.  That is not really enough time, so they end up with a piece of fruit and some goldfish crackers.  Which is fine.  They sit and do their homework and tell me about their day, while I putz around the kitchen and help with the occasional math problem or spelling word.  They don't need too much help really.  They're smart cookies.
There is a continual falling of water drops.  I have been sleeping with my window open the last two  nights and the melting sounds are soothing and joy bringing at the same time.  Spring is nearly here.  I have started planning this year's garden.  Out with the pumpkins and cucumbers and in with peas and more tomatoes.  I am looking forward to getting outside to run again too, but those things can't happen just yet.  So it's a time of waiting.  The planning needs to happen, but, I am still in a holding pattern.  I spend a lot of time it seems standing at the windows watching the world slowly change.  The garden boxes are now visible, the tops of the dead hostas are starting to show and birds are beginning to fly back and forth in front of the back windows.
So while I wait, there are still books to read, stews to make, and cowls to knit.  My mind wanders easily these days...I need to stay focused!  But, I feel that it is normal and intrinsically human to begin to turn my thoughts to warmer days.  It is, after all, what we humans have been doing since...well, the beginning of it all.  So I will embrace it and remember that day dreaming is not always a bad thing.  But, that to-do list won't do itself, so I guess I'll have to get some work done too.