Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting out when we can...

 A couple of weeks ago the kids talked me into an impulse/checkout line purchase of a mega box of sidewalk chalk.
It has been fun, but it has been so dang cold that we have only gotten outside a few times to draw.
Seriously, it's nearly April and we are still rocking temps in the 30s and 40s for highs...crazy.
Elijah is dying to play hopscotch.
I want it to be warmer before I go there.
We accidentally left a purple stick of chalk outside and then it rained that evening.  The next day we discovered it and tried it out on the sidewalk.  When wet, the chalk turns into more like a pastel.  It goes on thick and with an almost silky feel.
I will be soaking more chalk in water to do this again...if the weather ever gets warmer and we can get outside again.
Meanwhile I have been in a bit of a sewing many cool things coming off of my sewing machine these days.  I will sharing, if I can ever stop long enough to take pictures.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Love to Teachers...

Because of the impending move, I pulled my kids out of the home school co-op a few weeks early.  I wanted to give something to their teachers to say thank you for taking such good care of my little ones.  I saw this idea somewhere awhile ago and I thought it a good one.  Each teacher got a clipboard and a gift card.
I bought a pack of clipboards at Office Depot.  Then I rummaged through my scrapbook papers and I settled on using three art deco designs that I have had for a few years.  I have always loved these prints, but had never found the perfect place to use them until now.  I measured the clipboards and cut the paper to fit.  I planned to use Modge Podge which works as a glue and as a sealant.  In order to be able to work out any bubbles or folds, I cut the paper again into strips that I attached one at a time with the Modge Podge, a paint brush, and my fingers as needed.
In order to get the top areas by the clip covered, I placed a piece of paper where I wanted it to be and then using my finger nail I traced and made indentations around the metal pieces.  I cut them out to fit and followed the same technique as I had with the rest of the clipboard.  Next, I allowed each to dry fully before clipping on the gift card, a vellum quote, and a thank you card.  I was very please with how each one turned out.
I hope that this fun gift that will also be useful for each of the wonderful ladies as they continue to  home school their children.  Teachers, no matter where they teach need a little love after all.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oops, I screwed up...

 So we had a birthday party to go to last I thought. 
It was the wrong day...I was off by a week. 
The kids were bummed and David was disappointed about not getting any birthday cake.
So I said, "I'll bake a cake for dinner!" 
Cheers erupted from everyone.
I asked for imput on the frosting color.
Blue was chosen and I added Strawberries for a hint of nutrition.
Plus, they set off the blue butter cream nicely.
We were all in sugar comas by bedtime.
Yay, we get to have cake again on Saturday the actual day of the birthday party.
Things just keep getting better and better!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning...

   There is always much talk about Spring Cleaning this time of year.  This year I gave myself up to it completely.  David was out of town for work for a few days and I whirled about the house like the Tasmanian Devil - cartoon version of course. ;)  Perhaps our impending move was part of the motivation, but also events in Japan have made me so grateful for my safe home that I am blessed to be able to clean...I have been having so many thoughts like that as of late.
 I have seen articles and websites with tips on how to take a deep spring cleaning such as tackle one room at a time, but I don't operate that way.  I like to start one task and complete it through the entire house before I move on to something else.  Otherwise I feel like I am starting and stopping too much and I lose my drive.  I also focused on tasks that don't get done very often...if ever...and I completed those while I had motivation.
Here was my list:
Dust and wash all ceiling fans and light fixtures
Take down, wash, dry, and iron all curtains
Dust curtain rods and brackets
Dust door and window moldings
Dust bevels in all doors
Find and deal with any cobwebs lurking in corners
Using vacuum extension tool, vacuum all edges along walls
Wash doors and sides of all cabinets in bathrooms and kitchen
Wash all windows and window sills/ sliding door track
Dust lamp shades, *tip - use a sticky lint roller to do the job, works great!
Test smoke detectors

I also managed to change all sheets, and deep clean both bathrooms as well as keep my children entertained and fed.  With the removal of the grunge of winter, it was as if a weight was lifted off of my shoulders.  It was rewarding mentally to be a good steward over this house that I have been blessed with to take care of.
I still plan on:
Vacuuming and washing all heating and cooling vents
Washing the outside of all windows
Sweeping the front stoop, sidewalk, and deck
Washing all winter bedding and switching out to Summer versions
Washing and storing winter coats, hats, scarves and mittens
Wiping down and storing snow boots
Cleaning  (if necessary) and storing winter clothes
Sorting through the kids clothes, removing anything that is too small and making a list of Spring and Summer needs

While I have been doing all of this cleaning, I have been collecting things to donate and I have a nice sized pile growing in the basement.  There is nothing like a move to get me to get rid of things.
What's on your Spring Cleaning list?  Any tips and tricks you would care to share?

Friday, March 18, 2011


We have been busy around here...Spring is in the air and we have been able to go outside a couple of times to play in the last week.  May it continue!  We all have cabin fever.
We got some news about a month ago, David's company is going to relocate us to another state.  Luckily it will be in the same state and city as David's family.  We haven't had anyone here where we live now as far as family goes, so it will be wonderful to have that back in our lives.  Things will be happening pretty quickly as we want to get the kids settled before things start up again in the fall.  We will be putting Elijah into Pre-school and both older kiddies will be  doing AWANAs in the fall as well.  So we want to get settled. So while I move through our days I am constantly thinking about packing and logistics for this move. 
Big and exciting things for us...more to come!