I want to share a couple of recipes that I have made recently.  My were they tasty.
First, last week I made Black and White Banana Cake...soooo good!  Especially just out of the oven with a dollop of Vanilla Bean ice cream on top.  Chocolate and banana is such a good combination, so this recipe is brilliant.  Very easy to mix together and my kiddies loved it.
The other recipe that I made last week, that I loved (and the kiddies too) was Spanish Chicken and Potato Roast.  I have discovered recently how much I love cooking with chicken thighs.  They are smaller than a chicken breast so they cook up fast, thighs are moist and I have been able to find them for cheaper the chicken breast, so win/win/win right?  The recipe has only a few, simple ingredients, but the flavor is wonderful .  Try's delicious!


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