The quilt...

The water heater is nice.  I have done about 9 loads of laundry and run the dishwasher almost non stop to catch up.  Hot water is indeed a wonderful blessing.
The quilt is done!  It is indeed a bit wonky and not at all perfect with puckers and uneven lines.  And don't even ask about the mitered corners on the binding.  I think the wool that I chose to bind with was too bulky and it was hard to get a nice flat corner.  Ah, well, live and learn.  It has such a modern feel, not at all my style, but, I like it and I am proud of it.  It also feels a lot like quilts that my Great-Grandma made. I have one that she made...all blocks and geometric.  She used what she had and put every piece to use.  I love it for all of those reasons and because she made it.  So maybe I have channeled her genius in some small way...carried on the tradition if you will.  Plus, it was a great deal of fun...I hope the recipient of it will like it too.
And on to the next thing!


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