So it is Springtime...

 St. Patrick's Day was fun.  The corned beef was yummy, although I didn't add any cabbage as I figured no one would eat it but me.  And I made Irish Brown Bread, but I over-kneaded the dough and it would have made a better door stop than anything else.  Oh, well.  And I made scalloped potatoes instead of mashed...easier in a way, and good.
I made orange paper mustaches and taped them on green polka dot straws for the day too.  (Although I should disclose that I didn't take the picture of them until this morning)  In hind sight, I think they should have been more like a beard to be considered leprechaun.  So, I'll remember that for next year.
I am very happy with my Shamrock or Oxalis, which is the scientific name I suppose.  It is so green and it has new white flowers blossoming every day.
So it's Spring they say...that is my view as of a few moments ago.  We are buried under feet of snow...not inches...feet.  Plus, it is bitter, bitter cold again this week.
Ah, well.  The cold won't be here much longer and the world will once again be green and warm.  The buds on the trees are swelling and the birds are returning, so while it may not be obvious, Spring is starting to awake.


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