Friday, November 15, 2013

A little of this and that...

We are working on being on the mend here.
Miss Rubia now has the cold...pitiful she is.  So I just keep here cozy and she is getting her
fill of Veggie Tales and Berenstain Bears videos and movies.
I'm trying to clean off my desk so I can sew a few things and plotting a few fun Christmas decorations for the house.
Elijah is becoming an awesome reader and speller.  Evelyn too for that matter.  The words she knows and can write is amazing.  She and I co-read a picture book the other night.  I had her read the words she knows while I filled in the rest.  I am so proud of the girl.  Of all the kiddies really...they amaze me each and everyday.
Well, off to have my second cup of coffee and then maybe I'll think about not wearing my pajamas all day.
Peace Friends!

Monday, November 11, 2013

A little more organized...

 The newly organized school papers.  Each child has a slot with an alligator clip for small notes.
I go through them every couple of days to make sure we are on track.
 I have had these great magnetic boards from Three by Three since last Spring.  My Mom helped me put them up finally while she was here.
 A newly framed picture of David and I.  I have had the picture stuck in a drawer, but I found a vintage frame in the right size to finally get it up on a wall.
And Rey...eating a quesadilla.
Rey, David and I seem to have gotten head colds.  So I seem to be moving in slow motion.  I get one thing accomplished like cleaning the litter box and then I have to go sit down.  The last few days have been chilly, so I just stay tucked inside for the most part eating porridge with maple sugar and dried cherries and drinking warm spiced cider.
I did manage to menu plan for the next two weeks or so.  I must be craving ground beef, because there are a lot for recipes that call for it in there.  Plus, warm home baked breads and get this...desserts done in the crock pot!  Why have I never used it for that?  Very little effort, a little organization and voile!  Fudgy, Chocolate Pudding Cake...yes, please!
Elijah has now lost his two bottom, middle cool, so weird, so fun to play tooth fairy.
I got the front yard cleaned up for winter...hostas and lilies cut back, bushed pruned, pots cleaned out.  I think I am going to plant some tulip bulbs in them and tuck the pots in the garage for the winter.  They will be nice on to place on the stoop come spring.  Now I just need to find the energy to get the back yard beds done.  I do know that If I don't get them done before the snow really flies, they'll be waiting for me come Spring.  That's the great thing about yard'll keep.
Well, off to costco for milk...Peace Friends!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Corners of my home...

I've got the house all situated for Fall.
I had a fun afternoon on Sunday putting up little things here and there.  I really like to have artwork that kids have made for previous holidays on display.  So I have tucked a few favorites about...a turkey made from cardboard toilet paper rolls, a pilgrim hat, watercolor Indian corn and so on.  It makes me happy to see what my children have made.
I also reorganized my sewing area.  I again got rid of things, organized a little better and moved my books to a different book shelf.  I now feel like it is getting to be a cozy nook instead of feeling over crowded and un-inspiring.  So I have been back to making a few things, once I get my chores done of course.  :)
I have been noshing on a tasty snack as of late.  I grab a few Somersault crackers and half a sliced plum to eat when my energy wanes mid-afternoon.  My Mama turned me on to the crackers while she was visiting.  Yummy, satisfying, and healthy.
Well, I best get the floor mopped so I can get back to crafting!
Peace friends!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Well, the snow came and it lit a fire under me to finish getting all the winter gear in order.  I had to go buy snow boots for the girls and Rubia's feet have decided to have a growth spurt, so she got a new pair of sneakers too.
Vera and George are settling in nicely and are quite mellow, despite the fact that Rubia keeps shutting them in drawers and closets only to be found when I happen to walk by and are alerted by the sound of frantic meowing.  I am keeping a very close eye on her...she's trouble.  :)  The must think well enough of her to keep allowing her to catch them and by the fact that they have both taken to sleeping with her at night.  Crazy.
Rey is still potty training. He spends his days clad in underpants, socks and a shirt to save on laundry due to accidents.  He goes every time I take him, he just hasn't decided to start telling me when he has to go.  I catch him most of the time...but, that one's a tough nut to crack.  But, he'll get it.  I've outlasted the other three with this, I will outlast Rey too.
I have finally gotten a system together for keeping track of the kiddies school papers, assignments, and whatnot.  No more piles of clutter on the counter.  Boy, does that feel good.
Well, off to go be crafty...I've got some fun things in the works. And maybe a bathroom or two to nevers ends does it?
Peace friends!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A visit...

My Mama came for a visit.
She blessed us with a week of game playing, baking, and my favorite comfort foods for meals.
We laughed so much and watched fun movies like The Avengers and The King's Speech.
I was ever so sad to see her go.
The kids were too.
Now my thoughts move to the upcoming holidays.
I have de-halloweened the house and replaced certain spots with harvest/Thanksgiving goodies.  I have taken care of some Christmas gifts and I think I have a plan figured out for Advent.  It feels good to be productive doesn't it?
I just finished reading Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker by Jennifer Chiaverini.  Lovely...really good.  And I just started The Spymistress also by her.  I am loving it too.
The ol' weather man is calling for a few inches of snow today...I'm not sure I'm ready.  Oh, well.  I guess it will come whether I am ready or not.
Peace Friends!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Post Halloween...

Halloween was fun.
We had Jango Fett, Ariel, Princess Leia, Thomas the Tank Engine...and me, Cleopatra.
Too much candy...who gives out full sized candy bars????  Honestly!
My Mom's Chicken and Dumplings for dinner.
A nice little bit of an evening.