Saturday, February 25, 2012

Remembering the happy...

Do you ever have those days when you wake up and your heart is so full that you fear it may just burst?  Those days refresh my spirit in so many ways.  Some days...who am I kidding, most days I am so focused on the tasks at hand that I forget to step back and look at the blessings I have.  Often I am in the deep weeds of life and I neglect nurturing the art of gratitude in my heart.  But, oh how blessed I am.  My amazing husband, who does laundry while I nap.  Who still makes me laugh everyday, and who constantly and consistently tells me he loves me.  Gosh, I woman needs that daily doesn't she? Are things always perfect?  No, sometimes I can be a total putz and so can he, but, we work hard to take care of each other and our children.
And my beautiful, funky, wild babies.  They challenge me each and everyday to be better and my oh my do I fail often, but, they are always happy to snuggle and give kisses even after I lose it.  Today, I just felt the beauty of my life so keenly and I was reminded that while many days feel long and full of endless work, if I take a step back, I remember that the Savior is with me and that this work is precious.  Nurturing my husband and children is precious and I am very happy with the work at hand.  I am one lucky girl.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

One of the 30 things I did today...

While waiting for Elijah and Evelyn to complete their Tae Kwon Do class, I did some knitting.  See that belly up there?  7 weeks to go...David and I are still mulling over names. It might come down to meeting the little person first before we finally decide.   

I was able to get a couple of shots of my kiddies in action.  I love watching them.  There is a speaker that allows the parents to listen to the class as we have to stay in a waiting room with windows to allow us a view.  I can always hear Elijah belt out "Yes, Sir!" to Master Dan.  I think he loves being free to yell in his loudest voice and at being encouraged to do so. Evelyn is more quiet, but is learning to demonstrate respect to her teachers.  We are very happy with the studio and the teachers and we hope that both kids will want to continue for a long time.
Oh, and guess what?  It's snowing...I have a feeling March might give us the winter that has eluded us so far this year...sheesh.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Post Valentines...

I have been meaning to get back here and share this year's valentines.  They say, "I think you are out of this world!" Cute, at least I think so.  :)  I managed to get them done for Elijah's class, but, didn't make it for grandparents and cousins...*sigh*  Late isn't so bad, right?  The two lollipop flowers were for Elijah's easy and cute!
All the kiddies have been sick this week.  They have been droopy and feverish making for slow/long days.  I don't like them to be sick.  I always wish I could take it breaks my heart to see them hurting or miserable.  Today I went and did some much needed grocery shopping and when I came back I took them on a little nature walk around the neighborhood.  It was 45 degrees, sunny, and I knew all three needed some fresh air.  So I bundled them up and out we went.  We made it a block and a half...they were all coughing...their noses were running and they were drooping fast.  So we turned around and went home.  Oh well, we did find a couple of interesting sticks and a rock to add to to nature shelf. :)   I hope they will be better tomorrow, as I have hopes of taking them to the Children's Museum for the new construction exhibit.  We shall see.
I hope your weekend was everything you hoped it to be!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

He's 5...

We had a little party on Saturday.
I love that sweet boy.
Here's to 100 more birthdays!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Cookies, Downton Abbey, and Valentines...

These cookies were yummy.
They didn't last a day.
Some of the fat is replaced with if I could replace some of the sugar that would be a win, win.  I have heard that frozen orange juice concentrate could work for that...I must Google it.  I think that subing out half of the regular flour for whole wheat would work well too.  They are soft and a little cake like, which I adore. 
I got caught up on Downton Abbey this that DVR!  There is some good discussion going on over here.  So much to think many twists.  I am over the moon that this show will continue into a 3rd season...however, there had better be some happy endings for some of the characters is all I can say. 
Tomorrow is Valentine making with the kids.  I did break down and buy a store bought package for each of the kids as I was informed at story time last week that each child would need to bring 15 each, including a treat...45 more handmade valentines were just not going to happen.  However, the kids and I will be making some cute ones for Elijah's pre-school class and for close friends and family.  It's one of the things I look forward to doing every year and I start planning what we will do as soon as Christmas is over.  Somehow it has turned into a tradition that I hope will continue for a long, long time.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


 I got all the Birthday cards for the year finished.  They are with aqua or red with citrus colors. if I have your Birthday on my calendar, watch the mail.  There might be a little goody tucked inside too.  I am trying to do my part for the post office this year.  I sent out a large stack of envelopes a couple of weeks ago with family pictures and our new address.  If you received one, sorry there was no letter, I just didn't get that far...maybe next year.  I felt proud just to get what I did steps, I guess.
 I picked up the knitting again.  Scarf making at this point.  One for a good friend and then one for each of my babies.  Then maybe a hat for Evelyn...she needs a pretty, girly one.  I have some warm, purple wool that she would love.

 I did a wee bit of thrifting last week.  I had a few hours to myself and that is what I wanted to do.  I found a few treasures that I was thrilled about.  I have to say the the thrifting in the mid-west is abundance at fairly reasonable prices.  I found several child's cups and plates for play made by the Ohio Art Company.  Talk about excited!  These are hard to find that are not over priced.  I think I will make a wall display when I get my new kitchen and not tuck them in with the kids already overflowing play kitchen.  I also found a set of tin buckets with lids at a Goodwill.  I love these!  They will be great for corralling sidewalk chalk or whatever.  I love that I can stick the lid on and put them on a shelf...they look nice, better then plastic.  I am a sucker for cool metal storage containers.
I also took some time this week to look for good deals on kids clothes.  I do this every year in August and in mid-January.  I hate to pay full price for anything, especially clothes.  So I scour a few stores for good deals on end of season clothes for the coming year.  Target and K-Mart always warrant a stop as well as Goodwill.  Thanks to this strategy I have all the kids outfitted for the coming Summer and coming Fall and Winter.  Most of their school clothes are also bought, washed, and tucked away in tubs, bigger winter coats are ready for next year, and shorts and t-shirts are all ready for warmer weather.  I love being able to pull out clothes as needed instead of having to run out and buy things as the seasons change.  I don't mind used clothes one bit, as I am picky about what I buy, but I always seem to find some amazing things.  For example I found Elijah 4 pairs of basically new shorts for .99 cents each.  And then thanks to sales last August, he is ready to go for Summer.  The only things I will never buy used or try to buy in advance are shoes, underwear, and socks.  These things tend to be needed at weird times of the year and I just can't deal with used for what I hope are obvious reasons. :)  Oh, and yard sales can have some good items as just never know.
 This is the stack on my bedside table.  I finish one book and add two more.  See that Kindle up on top?  I got it for Christmas and I have yet to break it in yet.  I keep finding good young adult books at the library when I take the kids for story time each week.  I enjoy young adult books because they are short, quick reads, usually very good, and I like screening for my kids when they get older and start reading these kinds of books on their own.  I will have a large list of books in a wide range of genres all ready for when that day comes.
Look what we got yesterday?  After such a warm, dry winter, we got 9 inches throughout the day of very wet, heavy snow.  Now winter feels as it should.  I warmed up the house by baking cookies yesterday and then a cake this morning.  I have been on the hunt for recipes for healthier snacks for the kiddies.  I am trying to stock the freezer with things for them to grab for snacks after I have the baby.  I have made chocolate chip cookies with apple sauce, snack cake with buttermilk and steel cut oats, and granola bars.  I am hoping to find more gems out there.  Any recommendations?
Oh, and I had a birthday last week.  34...hmmmm, I feel pretty good about it.  It was a nice day, my babies spoiled me with jewelry and chocolate.  This week is David's and my anniversary and then Elijah's birthday.  February is a short yet big month in our family.  I've always been partial.  :) 
I hope things are as they should be in your neck of the woods.