Books I am reading...

This stack is by my bedside as of late.  I always have four or five books going at a about you?  or is that just me?  Anyway, I always try to get at least 15 or 20 minutes of reading in before lights out.  Sometimes I get more, sometimes I don't even try and I just go to sleep, but that is rare.  So, reading a bit before bed is kind of a ritual for me.  It helps settle my body and mind into a quieter place and gets me ready for the business of rest.  It's a nice period to the end of my day, rather then an exclamation point or question mark, if you follow my train of thought.  It's a piece of the day that is mine and mine alone...I cherish it, I enjoy it, I look forward to it.  So I try to always make it happen, no matter what.
Well, I digress...these are the books I am reading...
A Year in Japan by Kate T. Williamson.  What a lovely book this is.  It is journal of sorts filled with watercolors of the authors experiences while living in Japan.  It is full of all of the everyday things that makes Japan infinitely interesting to me.  This book had been on my amazon wish list for a few years.  I am glad that I finally purchased it a couple of weeks ago.  Another bonus, since it is full of pictures and drawings, the kiddies love looking through it and are also finding an interest in other places and things too.
Sew What! Skirts by Francesca Denhartog and Carole Ann Camp. I have decided that my uniform this year is skirts paired with leggings and flats or flip flops.  So comfortable and so cute.  This books helps you know how to sew a wide variety of skirts that fit your body perfectly.  It shows you how to plot your own pattern that is made to your exact size.  Sounds daunting, but, it is actually quite easy.  I am sticking to the wrap skirt and one that is merely gathered at the waist.  They are shorter then I might normally wear, if it were not for the leggings, but I am loving them.  This book has so far proven to be a great find.
The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket.  I have to be honest here, I have had this book for several years.  I got it soon after it had been publish and I was so excited to read it since I was an avid reader of the author's blog Yarnstorm.  I was disappointed it it, so I put it on a book shelf and didn't open it again until I unpacked it here at the new house.  I had thought that it would be a book full of projects, patterns and ideas and it wasn't. The book is a collection of short essay's on everything from quilting and knitting, to the best domestic themed movies and cupcakes.  There are very few recipes included and no project instructions which is what I had expected.  But, I decided to give the book a go and it has been delightful.  Sometimes, having expectations can ruin the good that you see right in front of you.  The lesson here for me?  Don't judge something before I give it a chance...I might be missing something wonderful!
I am also still reading Life of Pi, by Yann Martel on my Kindle.  I am really enjoying it as well.  It is proving to be a good read too.
Well, back to my to-do list.
Peace friends!


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