Plans for the days ahead...

The kiddies are coloring Easter coloring sheets for a contest at a local grocery store.  Did anyone else ever do that when they were small?  I remember coloring a picture for Albertson's when I was probably 8 (?) and I won.  I don't remember what I won or what the picture was.  I only remember using a lot of the color blue.  It's funny what you remember isn't it?
Today I hope to do some sort of St. Patrick's Day craft with the kids.  Any ideas?  I planted a full grown shamrock in a pot yesterday and I bought paper straws too.  I will be making leprechaun  mustaches and sticking them on the straws for them to use on St. Patty's day.  I saw that somewhere and thought it was a very cute idea.  I will also be making the usual corned beef, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, and Irish brown bread on Sunday.  I also think I will make some sort of green ice cream float for the kids using vanilla ice cream and some sort green drink.  All I can think of is Kool Aid, which I would rather not use if possible...but, I can't think of anything else to use. It's only one day out of the year right?  So, I suppose it won't hurt them...really.
Oh, and that little guy up there?  He points at everything these days.  He even pushes the button on my coffee pot each morning, with great relish.  He is calming down more and more everyday, his upper teeth are in and we have ditched the binky.  He is 11 months old today...nearly 1 year old.  Where did this year go?
Peace friends!


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