Sunday, September 23, 2012

Losing to win...

I'm still plugging away at losing the weight and I am starting to see the results.  I am down 45 pounds from when I had Rey...and the weight training is starting to show on my arms and legs too.  Yay!!!  To be honest, I don't like exercise.  I usually have to talk myself into it everyday.  But, I have found that if I make it a priority and I make it a part of my schedule, just like taking a shower or making lunch, it is more likely to happen.  I can't let myself off of the hook, I just have to do it.  And to be honest again, once I finish my 45 minutes on the elliptical machine, I feel so amazing and relaxed and I keep that in mind when I have to get back on the next day.  Plus, the YMCA has great machines that have big screens with video that take me all over the world on my workouts.  It's just like I am running through Acadia National Park or Venice Italy.  Yesterday, I ran around Seattle and the day before it was the Swiss helps to keep it interesting.
A good play list on the ol' iPod is a must too.  I mix it up with Coldplay, Jay Nash, Newsboys, Brennan James, and Colbie Calliet (just to name a few). After almost 5 months of the same play list, however, it was time for a change, so yesterday, I bought some Flo Rida and Usher...upbeat, and fast paced.  I am going to throw in some David Gray too and do a whole new mix with some other old favorites.  I am looking forward to that.
So all that said, I am trying to make exercise a part of my everyday life, instead of as just a means to an end.  I will continue to exercise to stay healthy, even once I reach my goal.  It just has to be that way. Plus, I am liking the way I feel...the sleeping better, the lower heart rate, the toned muscles, the feeling like I might actually want to wear a swimsuit next summer.  So I am going to keep it going.
Well, time to go get all of the sheets changed!

Friday, September 21, 2012

September 21, 2012

Most days are filled with the usual and the mundane.  Grocery shopping, dishes, making lunch, the baking of cookies, hugging babies, play, knitting...but, I like it that way.  Rey is getting a little easier.  He doesn't demand to be held all the time and wants to nap in his bed instead of in my arms.  I can get a bit more done with my hours now. 
I am already making lists for the kiddies for Christmas.  I like to throw in homemade goodies for them as much as I can, so planning is a must.
Oh, and big, major, huge, ginormous news!!!!  We bought a house!!!!  A big, beautiful house, on a pond with 6 bedrooms, huge kitchen, and finished basement.  There are so many details about this house that make it amazing...David and I are over the moon at the blessing of find this amazing house for a steal.  All we need to do is paint some rooms, clean the carpets and move in.  It checked all of our boxes and has so many extras we didn't expect to find. We are relocating to a new state and are excited about the adventure, it seems like a good area for our family, but most of all we are ready to get settled.  This will be the 7th state that I have lived in in my life.  Whew, I don't have a goal there!  Should I shoot for a nice even 10 states in my life?  15?  I'll play it by ear, as long as I have my babies and David, I will go where I have to.
we should be in the house and settling in by Thanksgiving.  I am happy that I will have a house for the holidays, I already know where the Christmas tree will excited about all the little details.
I will keep you posted with updates and news as things move along!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Views from the other day...

 The passenger seat in the van...errands galore.
 My new can find them at Trader Joe's.
Modeling the craft we did the other day with lollies in hand (and mouth of course).

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Before bedtime snacks...

My little people seem to always be hungry...I call them my hungry, hungry hippos.  Over the last couple of months they had started complaining of being hungry right before bedtime.  At first I was of the mindset that they weren't eating enough at dinner and that they would have to eat more at mealtimes.  However, they always seemed to be reaching comfortable fullness at mealtimes, so, I soon decided that I didn't want them to be trying to go to sleep with hunger pangs.  My kiddies are pretty active, so I am not at all worried about adding unneeded/unhealthy calories.  They are growing so much these days, so I figure their bodies must be needing just a little something.  I'm not talking a full meal here, maybe not even a full snack, just a couple of nibbles to quiet their stomachs and help them sleep well.  I know that eating a full meal before bed can be unhealthy and keep them awake, so I keep that in mind when choosing our selections.  I also have them eat the little somethings while I read during our nightly story time.  I read, they chew, which keeps them calm and seems to be a good arrangement.
Right after deciding to do this, a local grocery store put out an article and recipes on this very topic.  This was so timely because I was on the hunt for ideas of healthy little bites to feed them.  I have found two of the snacks in the article to be popular with the kids: Individual Baked Oatmeal (I made these in a mini muffin tin and adjusted the baking time down), and Dark Chocolate Cherry No-Bake Bites. We have also tried the Coconut Safari Snack Mix recipe from a Sprout show, which is tasty.  Also cheese and crackers, and lightly salted popcorn have seemed fine as well. 
The kids are sleeping better and longer with fewer middle of the night wake ups.  These results could be attributed to tiredness from going to school, to having the small snack or both. I just like to keep them full and focused, so a little nibble before bed seems to be working for us.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

School Days...

These two sweets started school a couple of weeks ago.
I am so proud of them and what they have been accomplishing already.
Good teachers are such a blessing, so are two kiddies that love to learn.

Friday, September 7, 2012

4 years old and so beautiful!

 The following are from a fashion show she did for me.
She loves to play dress up.

 She has a quirky sense of style that totally works.
 Birthday Card I made and sent to Sprout.
 They showed it on the Sunny Side Up Show!
 Birthday tea party
Crown from school

My Little Bird Evelyn turned 4 last Friday.  Where do the years go?  She is independent with a sweet personality.  She loves to sing and dance, do puzzles, play dress ups, and carry around a notebook scribbling.  I'm noticing that she is a lot like me in many ways, yet her own sweet person at the same time.  She still has wild meltdowns and spurts of anger towards her siblings, yet, can be gentle and soft hearted moments later.  My Morsel loves anything princess, My Little Pony or Tinker Bell.  I don't much care for themed toys and plastic whatsits, but she was through the moon when she opened her My Little Pony and the Infant Rapunzel doll.  Oh well...what's a Mama to do?
She is beautiful, kind, with an infectious giggle and I am so happy to call her mine!