Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I've got a couple of sickies here at home.
Thinking about making caramel corn.
Not wanting to go outside much.
Needing to wrap more presents.
Opened a package full of smoked Salmon...yay!
Drinking way too much coffee...David has started calling me a fiend.
Waiting for glue to dry.
Quiet but, full days.
Oh, and that boy up there?  He doesn't stop moving...except to eat and sleep.

Monday, December 17, 2012

We stuck close to home this past weekend.  David wasn't home, so it was just me and the kiddies.  The weather was slightly nasty too...freezing rain.  I never like being out and about in that, so inside we stayed.  We painted the second round of salt dough ornaments that I made...These do have the holes.  We still need to bedazzle them so they sparkle, but, they are dry now.  I'll get them on the tree before Christmas...I hope.
I went through a bunch of my sewing and crafting things too.  I found lots of partially finished projects and I have now set myself a goal to start getting them done.  First however, I made myself finish the girls Christmas scarves, including weaving in the ends.  I notoriously get something knitted, only to take a long, un-needed amount of time to get that easy, yet surprisingly odious task done.  But, with that done, I started in...
I have had about 60 granny squares done for almost 5 years waiting to be crocheted together into a lap afghan.  I started just last night and in the space of two hours, filled with constant interruptions, I have it nearly halfway done.Whoop!  This finishing things up is going to be a piece of cake!!! (famous last words...I know)  Next is a small lap quilt, made from squares of wool.  The wool is cut out and just needs to be pieced, and quilted.  I think I will do it as a tie quilt instead of sewing.  Lap blankest are nice to have.  I plan to tuck them into reading corners and other thoughtful places that the kiddies frequent.  We are big on coziness around here.
The above is how the pan of Sour Cream Pumpkin Bars looked on Friday morning...I made them on Wednesday.  I think they all liked them.  The Brown Butter Frosting was a little sweet for me, but no one else objected. 
Well, Best get to finishing dinner...Chicken baked in tomatoes, onion, and garlic, with parsley Yukon Golds, oven roasted carrots and Pumpkin Parmesan muffins.  Anyone want to come over?  :)
Peace friends!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My thoughts and prayers are with those in Connecticut.
My heart breaks for the lives lost. 
May the love of Christ wrap all those hurting with love and peace.
May we hold our own dear ones close today and always.
Nothing is certain in this life. 
Take a moment to spread some love.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Little bits...

Just a mish mash of shots.  Lots of little going on here.
~Oatmeal in the morning.
~The irony of Evelyn's balled up dirty socks, while the couch behind is piled with freshly folded, clean laundry.  It just never ends does it?!  Oh, that chore called laundry...ugh.
~Dancing Bees.
~Lovely reminders on my desk.  There are indoor farmer's markets around here.  Happiness!
~Oh Snow!  Last Sunday's winter storm...David snow throwing the driveway, well, the kids were throwing snow too.  Just in a different way.  :)
~"Watch I come!!!"
~This is the way to wrap a gift for school!  Done by Elijah, with a little, tiny help from me (I'm a bit controlling with the Elmer's glue usage...the littles tend to gush it out causing a puddle that takes weeks to dry to form. So I still retain control of that job.  I'll relinquish it...eventually).
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Right Now...

~I just pulled Sour Cream Pumpkin Bars out of the oven.  Once they are cooled I will be icing them with Brown Butter Frosting.  I will let you know if they are any good and then I can post the recipe.  They are for Evelyn's Christmas party at pre-School, she helped me measure and mix...I think I might have a little baker on my hands!
~I cleaned my desk yesterday.  I did my filing, I organized all the flotsam and jetsam that collects, recycled papers, paid bills.  A clean desk really leads to a clean mind (at least for me), why can't I keep it that way?
~Elijah and I have been playing a lot of cards lately...Eights, Spit, Go Fish, War.  He soundly kicks my booty most of the time, but I got him on Eights the other day.  I was so proud of him, he was a good sport about it and didn't mope one bit.  My training has been paying off.  We don't gloat in this house and we congratulate the winner after a game.  Although, I will disclose that it is perfectly acceptable to tell the person or persons with whom one is playing that you will beat them next a heads up really.  :)
~I have been eating a lot of oatmeal lately.  Something about cold, snowy weather that lends itself to thick, creamy oats...rib sticking.  My little ones love it too.
~The kiddies have been getting lots of warm baths in the evenings.  The wintertime  is good for that, they seem so much cozier and a nice way to get ready for bed.  On that same note, I have been making yummy cups of hot cocoa for the littles after school most days.  I make it with milk, they add their marshmallows and all seems right with the world.  It's a nice way to be welcomed after being out and about in the world.
~I mailed the Christmas letters and photos yesterday.  Whoop!  It's those small victories that make such a difference in my domestic life!
Peace friends!

Monday, December 10, 2012

A little of this and that...

So many little things going on here.  The unpacking continues.  Slowly day by day more gets done.  David did some furniture re-shuffling yesterday and that was a big help too.  Sometimes the first place you put things does not end up being the right one, so a little move or two is needed.  It is starting to feel a bit more like our home.  Once we paint, I think that will make all the difference.
I have been having the kiddies make more ornaments for the tree...they love that, truely.
Snack making and baking is happening in little bits.  I want to make a batch or two of Christmas cookies, but I haven't found a recipe that sings to me, "Oh, make me!  Make me!"  So the hunt continues.  Any suggestions?
We got our first big snow of the season over the weekend.  Wow, 10 inches or so and now it is bitter cold.  David got a new snow thrower and his is putting it to work again as I type.  There was wind last night that blew more snow onto his nicely scraped driveway.  He's so good about keeping those things done.  I am grateful, that is the last place I would want to be as it is a balmy 7 degrees outside.  I'll stay inside with my coffee doing laundry and cleaning the bathrooms.  But, then he likes to ski, so maybe he doesn't mind all that much.  Being out in the cold and snow I mean.
Did you see those beauties up there???  David brought me those a week ago...just because.  Oh my!  Beautiful! I enjoyed them all week.  Now there are a few roses in a small vase on the counter...the others bit the dust.  I love getting flowers even though they die so quickly.  So sweet of him.
Well, time to get a move on...what are you working on today?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Cheer? Sometimes...

The promised tree shot...seems bare, so I decided more ornaments were needed.  I love kiddie handmade ornaments.  So I did a quick search for a salt dough recipe.
 While Elijah and Evelyn were at school, I set to work...mixing, rolling, cutting.  They were turning out very cute, let me tell you.  Into the oven they went to bake for an hour.  The air began to fill with a salty bread smell, kind of nice...kind of strange too.  With 25 minutes left I decided to take a peek and much to my dismay, I realized that I had failed to poke holes into the shapes before baking.
I tried a last ditch effort to get those holes poked and from the picture it actually looks like I was successful, but sadly I must report that I was not.  Too much time had passed and many of the ornaments broke as I tried to force a hole.  Aaarrrgggghhhhh.  After the fact I was wishing I had left well enough alone and continued baking them sans holes.  The kiddies could have still painted them and I could have nestled them in a basket or something. Instead, now they grace the garbage can.
And all I have left to show for my efforts are a bunch of dirty dishes, although admittedly some of those up there are from lunch, but still, I'm just sayin'.  I'll give it another go tomorrow...sheesh
On an unrelated note, I had the best salad for dinner...spinach leaves, chopped honey crisp apple, pistachio nuts, crumbled havarti cheese, and Catalina dressing.  It was more spinach then anything with little bits of everything else...yummy!
And one more note, Rey is officially crawling...everywhere.  We are now at the official, "Oh, no, now I really, REALLY, have to baby proof!!!"  He's adorable and much happier now that he can go.  He is also now eating solid foods like a pro.  Now if we could just get the sleeping-through- the-night-thing down!
Well, time to tackle those's not like anyone else is going to do them.  ;)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Tree Hunt...

Honestly, it took us about 5 minutes to find a tree.
We parked, got out, walked around...there was the tree. And boom we were done.
I know some go for perfection, they stew about it, mull about it, take their time, but I am not like that.
I know life is imperfect.  The tree is always going look a little wonky anyway, because the kids help me put the decorations on.  And frankly, I like it that most of the balls, angels, and homemade ornaments are concentrated on the bottom half of the tree.  I know that it makes them feel important and I see the pride on their faces whenever they walk they are saying to themselves "that's my tree!"
We had some casualty ornaments...I lost it a little, not my proudest moment.  Things break, again, that's life.  So I put the decorating on hold and we came back to it.  I didn't want their memories to be clouded by me getting upset.  A few hours was all I needed to put it all behind me, and then we finished up...It's supposed to be fun right?  I'll post a picture tomorrow.