An Update...

More pictures...David and Evelyn...cheesy smile.

My sweet family.
So tiny, so sweet.

Sleeping is a big activity in our house these days. Just not in long enough stretches.

The beloved PB and J. He has a method:
First, using the index finger, lick off jam.
Next, using same finger, lick of peanut butter.
Finally, shove as much of the bread into mouth as possible.
I have to keep an eye on him...

We are all doing well and I am enjoying having my Mom and Step-Dad here from Alaska. Elijah is adoring the play time with Pops and Mumsy and goes to bed tuckered out.
Evelyn had her first doctor's appointment yesterday. She is back up to her birth weight and healthy in every other way. I'll check back in soon.



Lisa said…
Life is pretty sweet, huh Sarah?!?!
So glad to hear you are all doing well and settling in.
She is beautiful!!!

Keep those pictures comming...
Andrea said…
Such a sweetie, just like her mom! She is just beautiful. Keep us in the loop with plenty of pictures of your sweet family:)
Leslie said…
oh my goodness Sarah she is beautiful beautiful, what a tiny little one you have.. and so so blessed. I can't believe mine will be here next month!!

We are lucky ladies to be able to love on some beautiful babies huh..
Enjoy every second with her and all that newness!!
Amanda said…
oh sarah...such precious moments. (i think my ovaries are bursting at the sight!)...definitely loving peering into these first moments and days!
Fairlightday said…
She is so adorably sweet. You just want to pick her up and rock her. Oh man. Makes me kind of baby hungry again. :) Keep us updated! (But make sure to get lots of rest!)

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