Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sesame Street:'s Song "What I Am"

My kiddy kats saw this on Sesame Street a month ago or so and fell in love. It is a catchy tune and they bee bop around the house when I play it on Youtube...truth be told I do a little bee bopping myself. I love how Burt and Ernie's hair is coiffed to mimic Will's...makes me giggle.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Look who came to dinner...

 Look who joined us at the dinner table last night?
Everyone was in a dither and distracted by this new addition.  Evelyn kept asking what Rubia was eating and if she was done yet...while Elijah kept trying to make her laugh.  Not helpful when trying to spoon baby food into a learning mouth.  The family favorite of homemade pizza went cold on plates as we all were busy with the business of Rubia.

 Rubia seemed thrilled to be included and a mere second after this picture was taken Elijah knocked his milk over.  Oh, well, not his fault, I distracted him.  Rubia didn't care for the delay in eating due to clean-up, however.
After the 3 Ps...Peas, Peaches, and Pooping (in her diaper), dinner was done and she was off for a much needed bath.
It was so nice to have her at the table.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Importance of Gratefullness...

It has been and age since I was here last...I have wanted to post many times, but with the craziness of the season I haven't made the time.
All the gifts have been opened, most of the mess cleaned up, part of the suitcases unpacked, and there is a beautiful blanket of snow on the ground.  I think I'll stay tucked in doors for a wee bit longer.  I have no pictures to share today...honestly, I just haven't downloaded them yet.  It's on my to do list.
I am grateful for all of the good things that were given to us this Christmas.  So much generosity, but honestly it was too much.  I know that family likes to spoil, the kids especially, but when I look at the pile of things that I now need to find homes for, I feel tired.  But, mostly, I feel overwhelmed and thoughtful of the kids that didn't receive anything this year. I want to raise grateful children.  Children that appreciate what they are given.  Children that do not feel entitled to receive everything they ever wanted and more.  Children with compassionate hearts for those who have need.
So here is what I am thinking:
Asking family to cut back the gifts to each child.
And if they feel they want to do more, then say, one gift per child...perhaps they could put money in their saving accounts or buy them savings bonds for college. Or even buy a gift in the child's name for a someone in need.
There is no need to buy me a thing...they should spend that money on something they need instead.
I know my kids are happy with all of their new things and it was truly a joy to see the excitement on their faces when they opened their gifts.  However, when it was all said and done I could tell they were overwhelmed and a little glazed over...and oh so hyper.
Plus, I want more of the focus to be on the whole reason we celebrate Christmas...Jesus birth.  I dropped the ball on that this busyness got in the way.  They bounced from toy to toy, leaving chaos in their wake.
I think this year helped me realize more of what I want for my children and family...Christ centredness, instilling the value of gratefulness, and being about the business of helping those in need.
I am going to make it my mission to create the advent celebration I long for, for next year.  To focus on the family things and less on the material aspect of it all...That's what I think my children will remember the most as they grow.