My new brain covered in red satin...

I have taken to carrying around this red notebook. It keeps my brain in order. It has become my place for writing down such things like books to check out, Evelyn's measurements for her Christening gown, and my tulip bulb order.
I keep it in my bag and when I have a thought or something that I need to remember, I jot it down. My memory is a poor comparison to the way it used to be and this little book helps keep me on track and organized. "Mama Brain" is truly a condition I suffer from, just ask David.

I have always been pretty list oriented and this gives me a place to keep it all together.
One recent list:

To Do:
Picture of Evelyn in pea costume
Pictures of Evelyn's fingers and toes
Sewing - Haiti Caps, Christening gown
Check stash for fabric and lace for christening gown
Check out Knit picks podcasts and Cast On podcasts.
Menu plan
Do shopping list
Sweep and mop kitchen floor laundry

What do you do to keep organized?


Amanda said…
oh how i need a brain like this one! i find i have strewn my brain around in 50 notebooks...and i can never seem to find even one of them! i have to tell you how i have enjoyed catching up...reading your past few blogs...enjoying the little things in your daily life. much love from us.

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