Taking the Time...

Weekends are when I take the time to really cook and feed my need to putter in the kitchen. During the week I tend to make quick things like grilled cheese, casseroles, and pancakes for dinners. I don't want to spend hours in the kitchen after work when all I want to do is eat...And the same goes for Little Man who's cries of "HUNGRY!" fill the house as soon as he walks in the door.
The above picture is of the Tomato Lasagna recipe from the cookbook Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros. Oh my goodness! It is so very good! It could perhaps be that you make your own tomato sauce and then proceed to make your own bechamel sauce by which you create four delectable layers of creamy, noodley goodness. I also added a layer of cooked sweet turkey sausage which complemented the other ingredients perfectly.
This cookbook is lovely. The recipes are organized by color...what a novel idea...with pictures and sweet stories about the author's life and children scattered throughout. Plus, it is chalk full of recipes, 200 or so, so there is a lot to try and play with. I have made the chicken cutlet with cheese recipe a couple of times and there are many of the desserts that I hope to try out over the coming months. These are good, family recipes that the author uses in her day to day cooking. I appreciate the tried and true nature of this cookbook.
The lasagna took a wee bit of time and the kitchen was a bit of a mess in the process, but, it was well worth the three sinkfuls of dishes and the full dishwasher to accomplish. Plus, both Elijah and David loved it...and that is the best thing of all.


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