Can I Interest you in a Violet?

This is my plant stand in the dining room. It has that funky, kitschy vibe. It's a cheap piece from the seventies that had been created to seem colonial...ish. I love it for it's funkiness. I have debated on whether or not to paint it. Maybe a glossy candy apple red or a crisp white.
I had originally purchased it as a stand for my purses...I was a single gal, social butterfly and collector of "pretend" purses. "Pretend" Purses are not designed for practicality. Clutches and hand bag that had enough space to merely hold a tube of lipstick and a single credit card. They were rarely practical, made from brocades or hand painted. I had a nice collection of vintage and new to pair with any outfit for going out on the town. The stand stood next to closet and mirror for easy access.
That collection has now gone by the wayside, since marriage and kids and the stand has since be relegated back to it's original purpose. Although I did keep the vintage purses.
Now on it's shelves sit three pots of violets as well as an aloe and basil plants. These violets all have come from one original violet. Thi African violet has humble grocery store beginnings, but must come from some good hardy stock. It blooms constantly and has split and mutiplied many times. The flowers are a beautiful, sweet pink with deep, velvety green leave. It is like stroking the ears of a kitten, the leaves are so soft. It is wonderful to look over in that corner in the dead of winter and see a hint of happy color.
I have given starts to many people and they have had equally good success with it. I wish I could pass a specimen on to every one of you.


Rebecca said…
Hey Sis...That violet is very hardy indeed. The start you gave me has since spawned three beautiful plants and one of them has split as well. So thank you for spredding the beauty of violets :)

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