A Haunting we did go...Part 2

Last week, we also baked treats to deliver around to our neighbors. Pumpkin cupcakes and oatmeal sugar cookies were duly baked. We had witches, pumpkins, ghosts and scare-dee cats frosted and sprinkled. I had ever so much fun trotting around the neighborhood and ringing doorbells goodies in hand. I may have to do this at Christmas time. I wish I could have delivered a plate full to each of you.

The front walk looked lovely after dark with the pumpkins glowing beside metal pumpkin buckets to illuminate the walk for the tricker treaters to come. You might note the little Roma standing on the front step.
My little Roma out on the hunt for candy. He didn't get what the whole thing was about. He enjoyed ringing the doorbells and saying "treat." When we got home I recycled the candy he has gotten back into our bowl to be handed out at our door and he was none the wiser. He seemed to care less about the actual candy and what it was, which is good since I ended up giving it away. He didn't need it and by all means we adults didn't need to eat it either. Although those two Reese's cups would be nice right now...
And here is my little sweet pea. How cute she would have been out and about in the neighborhood? At least Evelyn was kind enough to allow me to photograph her last night. It was my step-mom's idea to add the pipe cleaner tendrils...I love them. I designed the little hat on graph paper first and then sewed it up in green felt. All totaled, her costume cost .79 cents. I had everything on hand but the green pipe cleaners.
The "peas" were merely green felt circles pined to a baby sleep sack. She would have been nice and warm, although it was a warm and balmy night, which was very unusual for Halloween.

I have been glued to CNN all evening watching the election returns. I have such a since of hope and promise in my heart about this election. I am officially a political junkie, however, I am so glad that finally we will know who will be president and we can leave the campaigns behind. What a long two years it has been! I hope you got out and voted. It is so important for every American to let their voice be heard. And as a woman I feel it even more keenly. There are still parts of the world where woman are not allowed to have a say in their governments, so I feel a since of responsibility to not only them, but also the women who came before me. Women fought for much too long to have the right to vote and I never want to take their struggle for granted. David and I hit the polls early this morning before work and stood in line for 35 minutes to cast our ballots. It was so wonderful to see so many people out at the polls. I hope that you were one of the millions to participate.


Chelle said…
Oh look at your sweet pea...that is the dearest little baby in costume I have, ever, ever seen!

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