I am thankful for many things this year.
I can't seem to find the words to write them all here.
Perhaps another time.
So I will just say Happy Thanksgiving...and
May you be surrounded by those dearest to you.
May you eat more turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy then you should (and don't forget the pumpkin pie).
May you get to take at least one long afternoon nap.
May the football team that you cheer for win.
May you recieve more hugs from loved ones then you can stand (although, can you really get too many?)
May your travels be safe.
May this Thanksgiving be truely wonderful for you.
May God bless you and keep you close.


erin said…
And all the same to you! Have a great holiday!
Lisa said…
Hoping your Thanksgiving was all you imagined.....

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