Sniff, Cough and Grab a Tissue...

We have all been sick here. We have been going through my stockpile of Kleenex and subsisting on little sleep. I had made a big pot of Chicken soup with rice on Sunday, so that has been getting us through too.
Thankfully we are all starting to come out of it.
I had only been back to work one week and then I have missed all of this one so far.
Ah well, it's only money.
Today everyone was sent off to their respective places and I stayed home and did some more recovering...namely, sleep.

The weather has turned cold so we are tucked inside more...perhaps that is what has led to us all being sick. I am loving this time of year. I love the seasons and seeing each one change. I appreciate what each of them bring. So I don't mind the cold. But, don't remind me that I said this next March when I am complaining of winter and longing for Spring.
It is time to grab my babies from the sitter and spoil them in hugs.


Lisa said…
just wanted to pop in and say hello, I been thinking of you constantly since your last post!!!
Wishing you well.....


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