Feeding the Birds...

 With such cold temperatures as of late, I don't like to forget our feathered friends.  We did this last year of sorts, so it was time to do it again.  My brother had sent me a box of pine cones from Oregon just for this purpose...so I was excited to use them this year.
 I laid out two pine cones each that I had tied with string for hanging (it's easier to do it pre-peanut butter), plates of a high quality nut, sunflower seed, Millet, corn bird mix, and cups of almond butter and a plastic knife.  I almost opened a new jar of peanut butter, but I remembered a jar of just expired almond butter in the fridge.  Now, I don't know for sure if birds go for almonds, I took a chance here, so we'll see if anyone eats it.
They smeared on the almond butter and rolled the pine cones into the seed mix.  It was goopy and messy, which is always fun.

Then we headed out into the snow to hang them on our pine trees.  I haven't seen anyone eating them yet, but, the weather here has been brutal and not much is out and about, including us.


Leslie said…
love this.... simple sweet & classic.
I had to show Aidan, because he is so into birds now! Great idea!

How is the birthday Mama? I keep waiting for pictures....did you have a good day?
gkc said…
an intelligent activity; also i like your activities with children and i tought that they are so aducative.
I learn from you and do with my sweet niece also with my students...

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