Elijah turns 4...the cake and favors.

 Elijah requested a Clone Trooper Helmet for a cake.  David undertook the challenge of constructing it...I baked all the cakes and whipped up two batches of butter cream and David did the rest.  He spent hours...and while he will tell you that there were lots of things that he wasn't happy with, it turned out amazing in my book.  Elijah is a fan of Star Wars and he was absolutely thrilled with the end result.
 It tasted pretty good too...although I am 100% not a fan of fondant.  I just peeled it off my slice and ate the rest.
I wanted to send a fun bag of favors home with the kids, but, I didn't want to fill it with cheap plastic toys or junk.  I didn't decide what I wanted to do until a few days before the party, but, fortunately I had everything on hand that I needed once I figured it out...
 I whipped up a quadruple batch of homemade play dough.  Again, being inspired by the snow, I left it the natural white color and I added glitter and peppermint essential oil.  My didit  smell nice.  I was inspired by this post over at the Artful Parent. I thought the glitter and essential oil ideas to be brilliant.  Then I formed 8 snowmen out of the dough and placed them into mason jars...another nice way to package things and not use plastic.
 I also whipped up chocolate covered pretzels for the children to take home as well, but these I rolled in colorful sprinkles for a whimsical touch.  Then I placed them in cellophane bags closed with twine.
Then I packed everything up in paper bags big enough to hold all of their treasures: the painted cookies, snow globes, play dough, pretzels, and even packets of hot cocoa.
I enjoyed putting together this little party for my boy.  He loved it and is already plotting next year...we'll see, birthdays growing up were always just a small family affair except for one or two birthdays where we had a party for friends.  I want to celebrate my children's birthdays certainly, but, I don't think I'll be doing a party every year. Although, I had must admit, I had a great deal of fun doing all this.


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