To do: play with clay...

 Elijah received a bucket of clay and a wonderful apron from his Papa and Nana for his birthday.  Nana made the apron for him to use for crafts, painting, and projects that he loves so very much.
 He is now obsessed with playing with the clay everyday. 
Yesterday, he and Evelyn sculpted and formed that clay for over 2 hours!
 I don't think they have ever played with something for that long a stretch before.
Towers were built, bears made from pieces pressed together, and various whosits and whatsits and I-know-not-whats were created.

I love to see their little fingers at work and to see their tongues sticking out in complete concentration.
And here's a little glimpse of a project I am working on. 
We keep busy these days, what are you working on?


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