This Year's Valentines...

We have made and sent our Valentines for 2011.  The Kiddy Kats had fun working on them this year.  Anything that involves paint is always a hit.  I once again was trying to use what I had on hand, so I found red and taupe acrylic paint in my paint tub.  The red was perfect as is and I thought the taupe would be a nice contrast, but I also wanted a pink of some sort, so I mixed the red and taupe until I had a nice rosy color.
 I cut out a slew of white paper hearts and using a folded piece of masking tape I stuck them to two box lids (one lid for each child)...I didn't want the hearts to move while painting, but I wanted to be able to remove them from the lid in the end, hence the masking tape.
 Next, I rolled up sleeves, put Elijah and Evelyn in aprons, handed them each a plastic spoon and a large marble.  Elijah had painted with marbles before, but Evelyn had not.  So I gave her a quick tutorial on how to put her marble into the paint, use her spoon to roll it around to get it covered, to place it into her box lid and then to shake the lid to roll it around to paint.

Elijah also used his marble as a paint brush of sorts too.  I let them go until they were happy with how their hearts looked.  Then we left them overnight to get nice and dry.

I then removed the hearts from the box lids and using a glue stick I stuck the hearts to squares of pink and red construction paper that I had cut out using scallop edged scissors.  I then wrote a little message using a fine tipped Sharpie and wrote the kiddie's names.
Here is the finished project.  We gave the valentines and heart crayons to cupid to deliver.  So now they are on their way to little ones to enjoy.
I am busy here getting ready for Elijah's 4th Birthday and party this weekend.  I am excited about the activities, crafts, cake, and snacks that we will be doing.  A post to come on that next week...back to it I go!


Fairlightday said…
Cute! Love it! You are so awesome to do all these fun crafts with your little ones.

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