Butterfly Sandwiches...

The other day I had the kids decorate their sandwiches.  We love peanut butter and jelly in this house, but I decided to mix things up a bit.  I cut the bread into triangles and then smeared each piece with peanut butter.  In hind sight smearing then cutting would have gone faster, but, I don't always think of the most efficient way of doing things at the get go...just ask my husband.  Anyway, then I made the traingles look like a butterfly on the plate.  Next I placed all kinds of yummy things into a muffin tin and let the kids put whatever they wanted onto their sandwiches...they loved it.  Raisens, dried fruit, kiwi, oranges, Kashi cereal, peanuts, etc.  Evelyn was most partial to the kiwi fruit as you can see in the above picture, while Elijah was more concerned with placing things just right before digging in.  I don't think I had to remind them once to eat...so mixing it up from time to time works for us...and it was fun!
Tomorrow is the Super Bowl...we are ginormous Steelers fans...Go Steelers!!!  Let's go get trophy number 7!!!


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