Elijah turned 4...the crafts.

The party has now come and gone.  It was a nice day, simple, nothing too elaborate which is comepletly my style.  It was no theme party which is also my style.  I don't do themes.  I don't want to be a product placement ad for some children's charater or TV show, partly because I think kids need to use their imaginations and own creativity more and I feel like I should be getting paid to be a billboard instead of the other way around.  Anyway, I digress...the party had a lot of winter elements, but, mostly what I hope was just fun.  It was all about Elijah and his little friends.
I don't think I have ever failed to mention how much my son loves projects, crafts, art, and activities.  So I knew that those things needed to be included into any party I planned for him this year.  I put together two crafts for the kids to do...Recycled Snow Globes and Painted Sugar Cookies.  The snow globes were a Christmas idea from Martha Stewart, that I thought would work well here.  I saved up my glass jars for weeks and then a few days before the party I spray painted the lids a lovely red and then attached the little animals (a bag of 12 for $1 from Target) and plastic greenery using waterproof glue. The kids helped add the water, glitter and glycerin to the jars and then I glued them shut. 
 We also painted round unbaked, frozen sugar cookies that I had prepared a few days before.  I just made up a nice buttery sugar cookie dough, then I cut out enough circles for each child to have two to paint and then froze them so that they would be nice and hard for painting.  The paint is merely food coloring thinned with a little water and then the kids used q-tips to paint whatever they wanted on the cookies.  After they were done painting, I baked the cookies, allowed them to cool and then I packaged them up to go home in their goodie bags.  I think the hardest part about this was trying to remember which two cookies went with each child.

I didn't get any good shots of the finished snow globes.  For all the prep I did, it's amazing how much running around is still required, things do not happen effortlessly...at least in my world.  :)  So I didn't get all the pictures I had intended...oh well.  More to come on the rest of Elijah's big day!


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