Very Belated Birthday Sewing...

This a a very late birthday gift that I got into the mail yesterday. It has been finished for awhile and actually ready to mail...sometimes getting to the post office is the hardest step. Why is that? But, now it is on it's way to it's intended. She doesn't read the blog regularly, so hopefully she will receive the box before she sees this post.
It's a table runner made with a heavy weight linen, appliqued with squares of purple calico. I also threw a couple of green squares on there too for some pop. I lined it with a super soft white cotton from a vintage sheet that I had in my stash. It came together pretty quickly and should go perfectly with the gift recipient's dining room decor (I hope).
It was fun to do and I have several ideas of how I can change and mix it up in the future. I think I am going to have to make myself one.


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