Cali and back again...

My first official week of being a stay at home mama was spent living it up in sunny California. David went to work and I went to play...
I am in love with palm trees...seriously.

We did get to spend some nice alone time together however. Nice restaurants and whale watching were just a couple of the things that David and I were able to do together.

The ever allusive David...he is adept at avoiding the camera.

He did oblige me for one shot while out at sea...
How cool and dashing is he???

There's a blue whale there...can you see it???
I bet you can. They were being a little shy, just showing their backs and blowing air. There were no grand displays of jumping as I had hoped, but, was still a good show none the less.
We ate several lovely meals by candlelight on the water.

I was ever so close to Disneyland. One afternoon I ventured to Downtown Disney. I ate biegnets and shopped in the Disney store (I have a little one that adores Cars).
One of the highlights of the trip was getting to meet and spend the afternoon with Leslie.
Oh what fun it was...antiquing in Orange County and lunch (yummy pasta for us both) at a cute little cafe. The fellowship did my heart good and to finally meet one of my oft talked about blog buddies was a gift. Here's the proof...
Thanks Leslie for schlepping me about in your (cute) minivan. I so appreciate you and getting to spend those hours together.
Then it was home to this...
Hello my beauties...yes, I missed you too.


Amanda said…
oh how fun...and lovely...and peaceful! and how incredibly wonderful that you got to meet the delightful and lovely leslie in real life! WOW! lots of us were meeting people in real life in the past week! :)
LOVE your pictures. It looked like such an amazing time. I simply adore time alone with hubby - looks like you got some great quality time with yours! :)

And meeting Leslie! Wonderful. :)

Your little ones are just yummy! :)
Leslie said…
it was so awesome to meet you too! So very awesome... :)

and those babies not bad to go home to either, even if they do make us miss a hot meal or two!
Fairlightday said…
Oh! I'm so jealous! :) You got to meet Leslie! It looks like you and David had a wonderful time. It's wonderful that you got to take a little break. And of course, always wonderful to come home. Especially with such darling babies to cuddle with. :)

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