The truth about...well, poo that is...

I find myself saying "oh, he's just two."
I say it to our sitter.
I say it to David.
I say it to myself.
It's not that I am letting him get away with Loving discipline is my goal. There are just certain things that I didn't know I signed up for... trying to talk said two year old into pooping in the potty and not in his pants.
Just re-reading the above sentence amazes me in its truth...Wow, I never saw this phase coming.
I tell myself that this too shall pass and I won't still be having to sit in the bathroom with him playing name that animal sound when he is 16...he's just two. He is learning. He won't always throw fits, cry and carry on about having to...well, you know.
I am consoled slightly to think that someday he will read this and be horribly embarrassed...
yes, I am that wicked. And that's why I keep this blog. To remember the good, the bad, and the ugly... and boy this is ugly.
By the way, Wednesday is my last day at work. On to this next adventure...bring it on.


Oh boy do I know all about this phase. All too well. :) THis too shall pass - eventually. You are a great mom.

Looking forward to hearing about the adjustments to staying at home.

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