Snacks and help requested...

Our current favorite snack.
Graham Crackers with Nutella.
You might notice a certain little boy back there enjoying it.
We have it at least once a day...I sometimes sneak one after that certain little boy has gone to bed. I love him, but sometimes a Mama just doesn't want to share. They're really nice accompanied with a glass of cold milk...chocolate and milk are just supposed to go together.
Now, things are going well here at Stay at Home Central, but, I am struggling with how to keep Elijah busy. How do you keep your little ones busy without parking them in front of the TV? What's your go to craft, snack, activity? I am up for all kinds of activities, they can be messy, I just need some new Anyone...?


Lisa said…
no ideas, sorry! But you are making me hungry.....

so glad to hear you are enjoying your new job! And that you got to meet Leslie, how fun!!!
I have to say - I am at a very similar place as you...

Summer is such a different schedule for us and it is so constant - hour after hour of needing entertained. They are starting to do better about playing some by themselves - using their imaginations. I have been looking on line for craftsto do with them as well. They just LOVE to get creative.

I probably use the tv a little too much... :( But I see alot of the PBS shows as quite good and good for learning.

We take walks (When it isn't HORRIBLY hot like this week...) Swim in our little pool, swing, read books, make food together (Like Elijah, they LOVE cooking and baking!), do puppet shows, etc. I have found some preschool type materials on line too - coloring pages, matching stuff, dot to dots, letters, numbers.

A couple of weeks ago we made play dough and "clean mud". The play dough turned out great and was a BIG hit! It kept them occupied for hours. The clean mud consisted of toilet paper bits, a grated bar of soap, water, and food coloring. It was the consistency of mud and they had a blast! It was "clean" due to the soap, but it still made a bit of a mess to clean up. :)

I certainly have days that feel very long... :) What a rewarding job though.

I am always interested in ideas to keep little ones busy as well, so let me know if you figure out some great ones. :)

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