My new favorite thing...

David got me a Kindle DX for Mother's Day. I had gone back an forth for awhile about whether or not I liked the idea of a Kindle, I mean in general. I felt that I would miss the tactile feeling of a book and of physically turning the pages and the smell, there's nothing like the smell...and I do miss these things to some extent. Now, other then the physical touchy-feeliness, I don't at all miss the trying to remember what page I am on, despite a side-table drawer filled with bookmarks. Plus, my fingers have always been causality prone to paper-cuts and I am happy to report that I am now paper cut free. For that my index finger and thumb are thankful. I love how I can search books right from the Kindle and then download them in mere seconds for much, much less the cost of their paper-bound cousins. The text is crisp and clear with a built in dictionary for understanding those laborious words that aren't in my vocabulary.
So despite all of my efforts to resist, I am in love. Although, I do hope that I am now not a player in the death of books and bookshelves...I may have converted, but, I'm not entirely crazy.


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