Out in the yard...

Why is it that yard work is, well, so much work? I guess that's why it is called yard "work" and not yard "party." The same story that has been playing out at our house each Spring since buying this house is in full swing. Although a bit late this year, due to a wet Spring and slowness on my part...the mulch needs to be weeded and turned. We have lovely stretches of flower beds that we had put in when we had the lawn done, but we have not had the money to landscape them yet. So that's were the turning and weeding comes in...
turn, turn,
chop, chop, chop (with the trowel)
You get the idea.
It does have this lovely organic, earthy smell that I love. David cranked it out for me last year since I was pregnant...Sweet Man.
I have been doing it all by hand with a trowel, because it looks so much better, but, it takes forever. I have been working on it while the babies nap or after they go to bed. Thank goodness for baby monitors. The last 15 foot stretch was completed last night in almost total dark. I wasn't about to quit just because that sun decided to set, I was going to finish. The thought did pass through my mind that the neighbors might wonder if maybe I was burying a body, especially since David has been gone the last few days on a business trip...they might just wonder and call the police. I mean, really isn't that usually what digging after dark means?
"Honest officer, I'm just trying to finish turning my mulch..." That actually sounds kind of suspicious. :)
Mosquitoes by the way, have absolutely no trouble doing their work in the dark. My arms and legs are testament to that.
I have done some planting, although my vegetables are looking kind of weak. My tomato plants don't seem to grow much despite all of the affection I lavish on them. The beans, peas, and pumpkins that I started from seed a mere two weeks ago are doing much better. So that's where you will find me each evening...watering my veggies and flowers. I know, I know, they say to water in the early morning, but, I just can't seem to get that routine down. After all I have oatmeal and coffee to make and babies to hug and kiss each morning. So I go out and I water at night. I also planted three Day Lillies that are lovely. I think that a cricket has taken up residence by one of them which makes me smile. By the way, did anyone else find Jiminy Cricket annoying as a kid? I couldn't stand watching Pinocchio because of him, or am I the only crazy one?
OK. I'm done with the rambling...for now...


Made me laugh - especially the suspicious behavior after dark... :)
Amy said…
Hopefully none of your neighbors have a broken leg and a pair of binoculars or you might have a officer knocking at your door soon. LOL

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