I love to see Elijah doing things on his see him enjoy creating.
I pulled out some paints and brushes that had been moldering in a box. Some were dried out, but many were still good and I let him go to town.

He mixed paint colors and brushed...getting it under his finger nails and a little bit on the table too. But, it's just a faux wood laminate top and is easily wiped down. I know that it's because I am his Mama that I see brilliance and beauty in each piece, where many might only see smears of paint. But, that my friends is a Mama's prerogative. That's how we encourage our children, by being their number one fan and letting them try new things. When Mama cheers it's got to be good right?
Woo Hoo...lets paint some more!

In our neck of the woods we have pretty rocky soil...David and I have pulled out lots while working in the Elijah and I are going to paint a few to put in the garden. The world can always use more color don't you think?


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