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FOR TODAY July 28, 2008

Outside My Window...a balmy evening with the potential for severe thunderstorms overnight.

I am thinking...about so many things

I am thankful for...the health of this baby. We had a scare a few months ago, that by the grace of God it has since become a non-issue. I will have to share another day...But, for now things are looking good.

From the kitchen...yesterday we had BBQed chicken, fresh corn/black bean salad, and yummy sliced tomatoes...mmmm.

I am wearing...the comfiest t-shirt ever, it's belongs to David and I have absconded with it until...um, who knows...forever? I would wear it all day everyday if I could.

I am creating...The fabric birds are done! I must take a picture. I have a attached them with ribbon to a vintage, metal embroidery hoop. Now I just have to get a round, metal ring for hanging and it's done. Pictures soon...promise.

I am going...to tour the hospital where I will be having this little one and perhaps taking a look at a bassinet to buy...I hope it will still be available in a couple days! Craiglist really is quite the cool thing...

I am reading...still working on (yes, still)...The Prince and the Pilgrim by Mary Stewart and Protecting the Gift by Gavin DeBecker (excellent book on how to better protect your children from predators). Both good books.

I am hoping...to have the house painting done and everything ready to go soon, please oh, please.

I am hearing...the ever-constant TV. I just finished watching (nerd alert) Antiques Roadshow and History Detectives.

Around the house...The inside is still in disarray due to painting. On the outside the Black-eyed Susans, Purple Cone Flower, and Shasta Daisies are in bloom and lovely.

One of my favorite things...clean teeth and clean sheets...both musts in my little world. I think everyone must have those simple little quirks that seems to bring peace and order no matter how trivial.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Rest, cook, finish a book or two, get a few more things done for the baby.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...Here I am with David at my brother Zach's wedding in 2006. I was about 3 months months pregnant with Elijah. The following one was taken last week, brought to you by request. Many have asked to see a better shot of the belly.

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Amanda said…
simply lovely! i love the pic of you...the belly...the beauty of pregnancy! and i love the post of your breakfast with elijah...so fun!

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