I avoid the scale at all costs....

I suppose normally most women have one or two things that they crave constantly during pregnancy...
Please correct me if I'm wrong.
With Elijah it was Twinkies and potatoes.
This pregnancy has been all over the food map for me.
Here is a sampling of what my little one has been wanting, because it couldn't possibly be me wanting that Peanut Buster Parfait at 2 in the morning.

green leafy salads
hard boiled eggs
Orange Chicken from Panda Express
donuts of all kinds...I choose not to be too picky
sweet potato french fries
grape jelly
ranch dip and Ruffles potato chips
whipped cream
cherry pie filling - on cheesecake, in turnovers, straight from the can...
grilled vegetables

I'm sure there are more.
Every week I seem to be on to something new.
But, sometimes I back track to something from a month or two ago.
I am certain that the many things from the above list have had nothing to do with my maternity clothes shrinking.
I pull them from the closet and they have somehow gotten smaller.
I suspect someone has been replacing the nice comfy pants, shirts, and dresses with smaller, more uncomfortable versions.
This goes for my shoes too.
I am forced to wear the same black flip flops most everyday.
Everything else has shrunk.
So as I stuff my mouth with yet another cheesy breadstick, I scratch my head and wonder...
Where have all my comfy clothes gone?


Lisa said…
you are so cute!
Live it up right, I mean when else do you get a chance to over indulge and not have to worry about it....

Eat a donut for me, would you!!!
Amanda said…
crack me up! with elizabeth it was gyros...i could have eaten them every meal for the whole pregnancy. the odd thing, i'd never had one before pregnancy! with kate it was quarter pounders with cheese from mc d's...something which i can barely stomach the thought of right now. and honestly, i don't think i'd eaten anything from mcdonalds for at least a year or two before my pregnancy!
Leslie said…
ohhh girly I so hear you. I so so hear you.

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