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FOR TODAY July 14, 2008

Outside My Window...I can see the street light peeking through the curtains.

I am thinking...about all of the things that still need to be done for the baby and trying to find a way to become a stay at home Mom.

I am thankful for...my Mother-in-Law and all of the hard work that she put in to get Elijah potty trained.

From the kitchen...Orange Beef and Broccoli over basmati rice. There is still a great deal of watermelon, green beans and tomatoes to be eaten. Later this week there will be peach crisp and hopefully more homemade granola.

I am wearing...comfy cotton shorts with a soft green, short sleeved top.

I am creating...new cushion covers for my Mama's RV, a throw rug, stuffed fabric birds, and a fabric basket...pictures to come as things get done.

I am going...As few places as possible...work, and home...I have no greater plans than that this week.

I am reading...The Prince and the Pilgrim by Mary Stewart and Protecting the Gift by Gavin DeBecker (excellent book on how to better protect your children from predators).

I am hoping...to sleep well tonight. You would think I would be more rested from my weekend alone, but instead I was restless.

I am hearing...the sounds of the Home Run Derby on the TV.

Around the house...things are pretty clean and tidy. I really want to get started on some room painting.

One of my favorite things...the baby moving around in my belly.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Keep working with Elijah on the potty training, sewing as I have the energy, maybe yard sales on Saturday I'm hoping to find a good bassinet. Then the usual cooking, cleaning, etc.

Here is picture thought I am sharing... Can't get the picture to load. I'll try again later.

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Linda said…
Good luck with the nursery and the bassinet.
chelle said…
I do love reading your weekly journal...your posts are always enchanting and dear.
Andrea said…
These posts are so fun. The orange beef sounds good. What recipe do you use? And when are you due? I never seem to remember these things.
kadezmom said…
Ahhhhhh, 13 years ago, I could have helped you with the bassinet. Did you find one?

Wow. You make yummy sounding complicated recipes. I may be over for dinner before you know it.

Happy sewing!

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