New Pillows...

I am in love with blue, red, and brown as a combination these days. We have brown walls and a blue couch, so I am now bringing in touches of red throughout the room. I made these these pillows for our blue couch in our living room and I love them. I wanted something fun that would be nice for Spring and Summer and just adding these brightened up the room. I made them with envelope backs for easy removal for washing.

This is a before shot of my beloved rocking chair. My Dad salvaged this chair from the drama department of the local high school where I grew up. They were throwing it away. He refinished it and got it done shortly before I was born. It has always been a fixture in my life and when I moved out on my own, Dad gave it to me. My Mom was forever changing the fabric on the seat to suit her tastes and decor at the time, so it has always been a changing canvas. When I got it, I put on the above green fabric and made the gold pillow. It fit perfectly with my apartment, but hasn't worked in our current home for awhile now. On Friday I changed it.

I used a creamy linen that I already had on hand and I repurposed the golden pillow and another one of the same size thats fabric also no longer worked. It is now bright and a perfect fit in the living room. I was surprised that it only took my about an hour and half total to get the seat recovered and the pillows made. I thought it would be a project that I would work on throughout the weekend, but I had it done on Friday night.
My sewing motivation continues. Now I am cutting out the pieces for a few Summer outfits for Evelyn and working on a few things for the kid's Easter baskets. I am having such fun and it is so nice to be interested in creating and crafting again. I also managed to cross a few mending things off of my to do list this morning. They had been camped on there for awhile: restitching the binding on a blanket, reattaching the stem on a felt strawberry, and reattaching one of the birds that had come off of Evelyn's bird mobile. All done and no longer sitting around begging for attention...feels good to have those done.
As you can see my little ones like the changes to the rocking chair...I'm with you Pussycats, I with you! :)


So fun to see what you've been working on! I have things I would like to recover, but good material costs so much. Thanks for sharing these pictures!!
~beautyandjoy~ said…
Had to come back and swoon over your cute pillows again...don't mind me... :)

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