Not my best work...

Today was one of those seriously hard reason to cause these troubles except maybe my attitude.
I woke up dog tired...not sure why and then proceeded to barely drag myself through the day.
I yelled at the kids way too much.
I was/am grumpy.
The master bath is still not cleaned...sheesh.
No inspiration to cook.
No inspiration to be the mama and wife I want and need to be.
The new pillows didn't get made,
nothing got knitted,
no walks were taken outside.
Tomorrow will be better...
Just writing that gives me a sigh of relief.
It has just been one of those days.


Oh friend... I have been there so often - and indeed, how wonderful it is to know that tomorrow will be better. His mercies are new every morning...
Amanda said…
praying "tomorrow" was better...and wanting you to know just how not alone you are. love you you!
~beautyandjoy~ said…
I've still been thinking about you! xo

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