The Hunt for Green...

The shamrock craft...glue, water, brushed on with green crepe paper

From our "Green Hunt"...
Plastic around a tree
Street sign
Green letters on a sign
Green shutter on a house

Green background on a sign

Garden hose
And look at those beauties. They are popping up in my flower beds and making me so, so happy. Elijah loved the hunt and insists that we do other colors too. Will do!
Off for another walk while the weather holds. The forecast is calling for possible snow on Sunday...say it with me, "yay."


AHHH!!! FLOWERS!! We don't have any blooming yet, but soon. SO, so soon I hope. Yes, we may be getting snow this weekend as well - but wow have the past few days been AMAZING!!
I love all the green. :)
So fun! Glad to be in Idaho, where the forecast calls for 68 & clouds :D
Amanda said…
love it! we color hunted a few years back...and i'm thinking it might be the perfect fun activity now that it is getting warmer! :)

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