A birthday gift...

It's finished and has arrived safely to it's birthday boy, my nephew Chase. I had been working on this little driving quilt for around a year in starts and stops.
It's intended for driving cars on and it's a nice portable size to be able to take on road trips.
I think the block pattern is called drunkards path. I couldn't find a good working pattern so I made my own on graph paper. That had it's own problems. Sometimes the proportions were a little off, but I made it work as best as I can. I used all the bright and colorful fabrics I could round up from my stash, embroidered the bright yellow dashes down the blacktop road, and machine quilted it with a soft cotton batting. I also made my own bias binding from a bright orange and white polka dot cotton.
If one imagines hard enough they are surely fields, ponds and lakes...a nice scenic route for a matchbox car to take.
Now it's off to make new pillows for the couch and to recover a couple of chairs.
And a happy St. Patty's Day to all! We are all decked out in green and we are going to for a walk later this morning in search of green things. I also plan on having the kids do a Shamrock craft after nap time this afternoon. Tonight's menu will be oven roasted corned beef, mashed potatoes, cabbage coleslaw, and yeasty, buttery rolls. I might make a batch of homemade vanilla pudding to round out the feasting. Anyone want to come over? There will be leftovers for days!


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