I have mentioned several projects that I have been working on.
Starting on Friday I spent quite a bit of time this weekend trying to complete two of them.
Each involved hand sewing, which I love.
Some people relax by watching TV, or going for a run, I like to stitch by hand.

I finished the the bird mobile.
I plan to have it hanging over the new baby's crib.

If you would like to make birdies of your own, you can find the pattern here.
On the sidebar you will see free patterns, look for bird pattern. Download the Adobe pdf and you're good to go.
I really wanted to do the mobile pictured.
But, for my own sanity I went with something simpler.

Forgive the darkness of the picture.
I created loops on the backs of each bird with embroidery floss.
Then with ribbon, I attached them to a vintage metal embroidery hoop.
Next, I strung ribbon by which to hang the mobile to a metal D ring. I stitched those ends in place to make it secure.
I merely tied the ribbon to the birds, I'm not sure I'm quite happy with the size and color I used.
I wanted to be able to change it when I finally made up my mind.
I might make one more birdie and perch it on the hoop.
Why go with four when I could have five?
With this baby, I keep thinking birds. With Elijah it was monkeys, this one blue birds.
So this mobile was perfect.

I have been already thinking about Christmas.
I know sorry...
I am trying to plan. After all I will have a new born by the time the holidays roll around and if I can get some gifts sewn before then, by golly I'm going to do it.
I was inspired to make the market basket with veggies and fruits by the this post by Allyson Hill.

I got decidedly fancy.
I spent Friday evening and the whole of Saturday (Minus food, a nap, futzing, enumerable bathroom trips etc.) whipping up these little fruits and veggies.
I had no patterns. I just thought hard and flew by the seat of my pants.
I have one head of lettuce, two carrots, three potatoes, and four strawberries.
I was quite pleased that it could also be a counting game.

The potatoes have "eyes," the lettuce leaves have tucks for texture, and the carrots are just darn cute.
I am quite partial to the strawberries. The little stitches to recreate seeds took F-O-R-E-V-E-R.
But, I am ever so pleased with how they turned worth it.
This will be a Christmas gift for the new baby.
I feel that this little person needs their own market basket with goodies inside.
I am contemplating making a couple of eggs and an apple to round out the collection.
But, if that doesn't happen by Christmas, I will be OK with that.
It appears that I somehow deleted the picture that better shows the basket itself. And since I can't ever figure out how to insert pictures exactly where I want them, I will post it tomorrow.

Today was cleaning, napping, and grocery shopping.
*Sigh* I love a productive weekend.
Plus, banana bread was baked and bubbles were blown outside with the Little Man. He loves bubbles.
How was your weekend?



erin said…
You are so talented! And those fruits and veggies are so fun! I recall some of my favorite toys as a kid were the ones my mom and dad made for me (blocks, a horse stable, books read on tape) so I'm sure your kids will love those for a long time!

(I still have the apple mobile my mom made for me too!)

LeeAnn said…
The felted food looks amazing! Such detail. I'd like to make a mobile like yours for a friends baby shower. I only have good intentions right now. :)
Wendi said…
Oh yay! Another sweet project from Sarah! :) I love your crafting. :) You must be getting really anxious to see that precious little one! I know the baby will greatly appreciate all of the wonderful litle gifts you are making. :) He/she may not be able to verbalize it, but surely in that fuzzy little head of theirs they will be thinking "What a lucky little baby I am to have such a great mommy!" :)
chelle said…
Your projects are so very darling and I am in love with those could totally sell those...and the mobile is oh so sweet. What an inspiration you are...
Fairlightday said…
The mobile is cute and I adore the fruits and veggies! Too cute. I'm inspired to do the same for Sadie~Rose. I'm trying to do mostly home-made (by me or others) for Christmas and these are great. I think the link to the pdf is broken, because I can't get to it. Just thought I would let you know. :)
Amanda said…
how fabulous are these! i love your "simple" and classic. did you use a pattern or just whip them up on your own (something i'm sure you have the talent for...but i am definitely not quite there yet!).
Philigry said…
i love everything you have made! beautiful.

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