A lot of a little...

We have been having beautiful days here...it is sunny and warmish today (35 degrees, great for here) and I am thinking of bopping out to get the bird feeders to give them a good cleaning. Seeing the sun and feeling it on my face gives me a jolt of energy, plus I slept deeply last night with no wake up from the little ones, which is the norm.
I think I see a few starts for my crocuses and though I haven't seen any other signs of Spring yet, I know they are on their way.
I haven't tackled the microwave or the oven yet, but I do have Asian Beef Stew going in the crock pot and all my meals planned out for the next month. It has really helped me to cut our food budget this way and it's nice not to have to come up with meals on the fly everyday. That way I have more time for knitting and sewing!
I am finishing up a Winter hat for Evelyn (a little late, but it will fit her next year too), a maternity sweater for me, and I am furiously trying to finish sewing my Nephew Chase's birthday gift. He turned two on Sunday and I hate sending it late, but, alas that's the way it is. I will post pictures of it when it has been sent. It's been a fun project.
Tomorrow I hope share more of my kitchen ramblings, how I meal plan etc. Plus a list of upcoming meals and possibly a recipe or two. See you then!


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