I "heart" book sales...

I stumbled onto the library book sale last Monday. We went for Story time and walked out with a glorious stack of new treasures...all old, worn, and full of great stories and illustrations.

These book plates were on the free shelf...drawings by the author of "Where the Sidewalk Ends?" His names escapes me and I am too tired too Google it.
Here is a glimpse of the first outfit I am making for Evelyn. I will share better pictures and details soon. I got the buttonholes done Tuesday night and now I just have to hem the pant legs and then on to the next little dress.
I have been away the last couple of days. David surprised me with a concert to see the phenomenal David Gray last night. I didn't even know where we were going until we got there. We drove to Indianapolis, left the kids with a dear friend and then had a wonderful evening just the two of us. (Sorry Amanda, if I had known where I was going I would have at least given you a call...so close we were!) The concert has to have been the best I have ever been to. I adore his music anyway, but live, David Gray is absolutely amazing! We were five rows from the stage and I couldn't have asked for better. My husband is so incredible...really, really good to me.
We will be on the road again for a few more days starting tomorrow for family reasons. So I will be gone from this space, but I will be back next week.


~beautyandjoy~ said…
Jealous about those books - but so happy for you! :) I am also jealous of those ADORABLE pillows on the last post. :)Really cute!
Amanda said…
okay...i'll forgive you this time! but now you know...do tell...just how far is it from you to indy!?
Hey sis the author name is Shel Silverstein

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