Into the kitchen...

Kyrie over at are so happy has declared March as the month of the kitchen. Brilliant! I will join her. This will include recipes, cleaning, organizing etc. It's perfect timing as I was already in that mode so to speak. I'm seriously nesting!
I have been knitting. I have made lots of these dish cloths...for other people. I was in true need of some new cloths myself so I pulled out scraps of leftover cotton yarn and set to work. I made four, which should tide me over for a couple of years...glorious. They scrub well and don't seem to stain. The pattern is from the 1st Mason Dickson knitting book...the pattern name escapes me. I will post it ASAP, if anyone wants to get the book and set to work themselves. It is a great, easy pattern.
Other then that I have been deep cleaning nook and crannies of the kitchen that tend to get neglected...the fronts of the oven and dishwasher, the range hood, the track of the sliding door, going through and recycling a huge stack of cooking magazines etc. I hope to clean the microwave and the oven this week and maybe inventory the freezers if I can manage it.
Tonight's dinner is tacos/burritos/quesadillas using leftovers...yummy.
Won't you join in the fun?


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